Glen Foster, New car, Rain, Activities and more…

On Saturday 9 September Glen arrived in Bangkok as the start of his (early) retirement in Thailand. Warunee, my sister-in-law, went also a few days to Bangkok and together they did some sightseeing and some official “business”. The result was an extended Retirement Visa for Glen and with that Visa Glen could also open a Thai bank account. On Friday 15 they came back home and in the evening we had a “welcome dinner” for Glen where he received the “good luck/good future” ropes for the family.

The Honda WR-V SR arrived on 12 September in Udon Thani, there the car got the window sun film, they build in the front window safety camera and the rear parking sensors. For the sensors they needed some extra time because I ordered 2 extra (so, total 4). On Wednesday 20 September, after lunch, we went to the Honda dealer in Sawang Daen Din to get the car. Warunee & Glen came with us and we transfer the Jazz, our former car, at that moment. At Honda there was a big ribbon on the car and Siripron had to sign many papers. At the end there were red roses, a small wreath of yellow flowers and some other extra’s. The next day at home I could get Apple CarPlay working because the first cable was not working. For now, I have to get used to the Lane-assist, adaptive cruise-control and more things of the “Honda Sensing”.

In September there were many days with rain, most of time shorter but heavy rain. There result was that there is now many water on the rice fields and in the few small rivers around us. The strange thing is that about 250 kms for here there is not enough water. Because of the many rains it was not possible of me to mow the grass and the grass got very long. But around 23 September there where a few days with sun and, with the help of some extra battery loads, I could cut the grass almost everywhere. The rain also was the cause that we had some longer power failures this month.

This month I virtual walked & biked in “Game of Thrones – Westeros” (Valar Morghulis), Italy (Florence), LOTR (Return of the King – the Gondor challenge) and New Zealand (Te Araroa, whole NZ from the north to the south). Of course, I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023) and I finished in “Game of Thrones – Westeros” (Beyond the Wall & The Hand) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam). In September I received 2 medals of the finished challenges. Because one of the challenge companies celebrated their 7 years existence there was a big discount, so I ordered 7 new codes and my small celebration video was a part of their Facebook message.

Other things that happened:
– I changed the directory structure of my computer and on my NAS.
– I went again to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and my monthly order.
– Preauw & Both came 1 day “home” because they had some meetings.
– Siripron went several times to the rice field and also checked the planted trees.
– Siripron had a hospitals dinner for the this year retirements.