Buddha days, Benz, Car and more…

August started with 2 important Buddha Days, Khao Pansa for Monks and Khao Pansa for people. They are the start of 3 months with special Buddha days and in these months some people don’t drink alcohol and/or sleep in a Temple on the special days.

On Friday afternoon, 4 August, we went with Fern (Sirinya Inthisan) to the Airport of Udon Thani to pick-up Benz (the oldest son of Siripron). Benz came over from Taiwan for a well-deserved holiday until the end of the month. In the evening we had a special family welcome dinner. In his holiday Benz not only rest but, like normal for him, he helped also everywhere where he could help. For us he replaced 2 water tapes and helped me mowing the grass. On 31 Augustus Benz went back to Taiwan.

To understand the next, it is important to know that Benz and Ferm were already “good friends” when Benz went to work in Taiwan. So, after his previous relationship stopped Benz connected again to Fern, but of course “on-line”, and they talked about a future together. That is why on Sunday 6 August we had a meeting/dinner at the house of the family of Fern, where Siripron talked to them about “Sin Sod” (the Thai wedding dowry). This “talk” ended in paying a part of the agreed amount and after that the dinner. After this, because this is a kind of engagement, Fern could sleep in our house.

In August we paid the last part of our loan for our Honda Jazz which we paid back in 6 years. On Friday 18 August I went alone, with support from Siripron by telephone, to Honda for our yearly check-up and there I saw the new Honda WR-V demo model. This car was on our list to replace the Jazz and on Saturday 26 August, after a visit on Thursday, we could order this “small sized SUV” in an RS sport model in a red color with a black roof. Our Jazz will go for the trade-in value to Warunee.

This month I virtual walked & biked in “Game of Thrones – Westeros” (Behind the Wall), LOTR (Return of the King – the Gondor challenge), New Zealand (Te Araroa, whole NZ from the north to the south) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam). Of course, I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023) and I finished America (The Grand Canyon), France (Provence) and LOTR (Return of the King – the Helm’s Deep challenge).

Other things that happened:
– I went again to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and my monthly order.
– 12 August was Mamma Day in Thailand (Birthday King mother).
– We had a celebration of the new house of our nephew Arm.
– I helped again my sister-in-law Warunee with some Swedish papers.
– Narong, Siripron’s oldest brother, came a few times to have dinner with the family.
– We had many days with rain in August, sometimes really heavy rain.
– Siripron went several times to the rice field and also checked the planted trees.