Narong, Rice field, Car, Activities and more…

On Friday 3 November Narong, the oldest brother of Siripron died in the home of his partner/girlfriend, after suffering from organ cancer. Siripron and the other sisters were there because she could the day before a alarming call. From that day until the remember on Wednesday 8 November Siripron & Warunee & Wannapha went almost every day to “Narongs home”, about 26 km from our home. Of course, I also went a few times with Siripron: on Saturday, on Sunday for the cremation and on Tuesday for the start of the remembering. On Sunday 12 November we did a remembering Narong at the Temple of Ban Pho Chai and after that a part of the bones were put in the tombstone of the family on the Temple grounds. For this month our condolences also go out to the family of the mother of our sister in law Teil (wife of Arun), to my ex-wife Ellen and the family because of the dead of my former mother in law and to the family of a former primary school teacher of Siripron.

Almost every weekend went to her rice field to water the rice field trees that we’ve had planted in July. We are planning for a better solution for that, but for now she have to get water in a bucket from a small reservoir nearby. Mid November is was also time for the rice harvest and because the wind had blown a part of the rice plants almost flat the cutting had to be done by hand. After that the rice had to dry and a few days later it was brought to the rice field of brother Den for the threshing. The result for us was 34 bags of rice and we will user only a part of that for our yearly consumption of sticky rice, the rest Siripron will try to sell. Like normal we had a few harvest dinners at the houses of the family.

Our “new” car got his normal “white” number plates instead of red “loan of dealer” number plates. With the red plates we had to register every “out of town” rides. But the sad thing is that on the same day there was many wind and a over the road hanging down bamboo did damage to the hood of the car. The scratches are removed by Honda but there is still a little little, hardly visible, dent.

This month I virtual walked & biked in New Zealand (Te Araroa, whole NZ from the north to the south), Scotland (Highland Wizardry Trail) and Thailand (Bangkok). Of course, I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023) and I finished China (The Forbidden City), 2x “Game of Thrones – Westeros” (Mother of Dragons & The Iron Throne) and Mexico (Day of the Dead). In September I received a few medals of the finished challenges. Special was our cooperation for a small part of the Bangkok challenge.

Other things that happened:
– My old Garmin GPS stopped working.
– I went 2 times to Udon Thani to do some shopping.
– We celebrate the Birthday of Kim Kim (grandson of Arun).
– The standard lunch & shopping in the German restaurant at Kham Ta Kla.
– My new GPS arrived, a Garmin GPSMAP 64sx.
– We had again a few times and one day (working hours) without electricity.
– Winter has come and gave us some colder mornings.