Rice field, Visa, Specials, Activities and more…

On 10 and 14 December workers drilled for water on the rice field. They did it 2 times because the first location will too much shade in a few years after the trees has grown. On Sunday 17 December a company installed a solar pump with 2 solar panels. The next step is to install a water tank that will be automatic filled by the solar pump…

For my Visa extension of 1 year we had to prepare again many papers but we didn’t need the proof that we are still married. Again the request is based on a proof of income from the Dutch Embassy. On Friday 15 December we went to Immigration in Sakon Nakhon at the permanent location nearby the Airport. Because it was not busy we were fast finished and we went for shopping to the Robinson shopping mall were we also did lunch. We came home with 2 boxes of cherries and 2 Quarts of rum-raisin ice cream.

Our nephew Aphichai (Arm) came for a holiday home from his work in South Korea, so there was a welcome dinner. On Wednesday 13 December there was a special ceremony for another nephew Sathaporn (Tie) because he will serve as a monk for a longer time. On Sunday 17 December Tie had his official Temple ceremony.
Between 13 and 17 December we had a village celebration with at first 3 days with Morlam (Isan culture singing) in the evening nearby the Temple grounds. The last 2 days there where more Temple celebrations with a visit from a important monk from Bangkok and special events a the Temple “Wat Si Phon Sung” (the Ban Phu Chai/Moo.9 Temple).

This month I virtual walked & biked in Alaska (North Pool), Brazil (Amazon Rain forest) and France (Paris). I finished England (London), New Zealand (Te Araroa, whole NZ from the north to the south), Scotland (Highland Wizardry Trail), Scooby-Doo! (a mystery challenge) and Thailand (Bangkok). In 2023 I was cycling more than 6.400 km, and about 60% of that was indoor on my recumbent bike. In 2024 I will start the new year challenge (Conqueror 2024) and many others.

Other things that happened:
– Glen Foster, the husband of Warunee, went 1 day to hospital.
– 5 December was Papa Day in Thailand.
– Constitution Day was on 10 December, but 11 was the day-off for Government.
– Siripron went with her Papa a few times to the morning Temple service.
– 2 Elefants visited our village.
– I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and my, also Christmas, shopping.
– Siripron had a Christmas lunch with her co-workers.
– 28 December was the 3th celebration of the new house of Kukkik and her family.
– Cutting grass was in December more grass seeds and clean-up leaves.
– Preaw & Both came from Bangkok to celebrate New Year with family.
– 30 December we have a nice dinner with the Family of Preaw.
– We will end the year as normal with a party of family.