Mango’s, Building blocks, Weather and more…

On 3 of our 4 mango trees we had many mango’s, we estimated that there were more than 250. Enough to not have to buy other fruits, but also enough for Siripron to make me mango jam/compote. In 2 batches she could fill 11 old jam pots and there is still a batch to come. We think that the fourth tree didn’t had mango’s because of the very dry winter and summer we had (it’s now rainy season). Also other people had trees who didn’t have mango’s this year.

For the building blocks we finished the “none Lego” Harry Potter Phoenix and I started & finished the “none Lego” Space shuttle Discovery (2.354 pieces). My next project is the “none Lego” “Star Wars” Millennium Falcon (8.445 pieces) and together we will build the “none Lego” “Guardian of the Galaxy” Grote (476 pieces). I’ve already recieved the next “none Lego” building blocks set: the Apolo Saturn V rocket (1.969 pieces).

May started like April ended with very warm days but in the second week there was some rain and on Sunday 19 May the heavy rains started with many days rain in the night that also went on in the morning until about noon. Of course the rain was very good for the almost dead garden trees and for the rice field (trees and the parts with rice plants) but… is it already too much for the small rice plants ???

For the virtual challenges I received also in April some medals. This month I virtual walked & biked in America (Appalachian Trail & The Bigfoot Trail) and Vietnam (the Vietnam Coast, the long version). I’m of course still busy with the year cycling challenge (Conqueror 2024) and I finished Chile (Torres del Paine), Dominican Republic (Island tour) and England (Jurassic Coast).

Other things that happened:
– Preaw was on a car in a parade at a celebration.
– Both, the youngest son, went back to Bangkok with Preaw.
– I installed a new UPS for my NAS, the Internet routers and the Android box.
– Warunee, Glen & the twin went a few days to a villa at the sea.
– I went to Udon Thani for my yearly eye check (vision & cataract).
– A few times we had no electricity for about 1 hour.
– Siripron went some weekends a day to give water to the trees.