House, Nakhon Phanom, Family and more…

Because we still had some water during rain showers on our ceiling we ask Lohr Spray foam to visit us again. On Thursday 10 September in the morning the team sprayed the 3 tops of our roof on the outside and they painted the food in the roof color. Because of the rain showers the weekend after we now know that this worked well but we still have small leaking’s on the connection points of the high and low roof.

After the NL flag (that Peter brought during his visit in October 2016) was removed we tried to make a smaller flag from a big one, but that didn’t go good. So Siripron ordered good size flags on the Internet and a new one is hanging on a small pole attached to the front wall. On the other pole is also a new Thai flag.

On the afternoon of 12 September we drove to Nakhon Phanom (170 km) to our “S Villas Hotel” on the road along the bank of the Mekong River. After the check-in we went to get our running shirts and start numbers. In the evening we had a nice dinner in the city center a few 100 meters from our hotel. The next morning we ran the 4 km Fun Run along the Mekong River. After breakfast we drove back home again because Siripron had to check Papa and we didn’t want Chok Dee to be alone for a long time.

Both started on 1 September a new job in Bangkok, he now working as a sales assistant at the beauty clinic where Preauw works. This job change was made because of the demanding job of Both at the Philippine Embassy, there he had to work 7 days a week for 12 hours a day with hardly any day-off. Benz & Aon are doing well in Taiwan, Papa takes his medicine every day and Siriporn & I were both a little sick, but that looked like a kind of food poisoning.

Other things that happened:
– On my mountain bike I have now bigger handles an a mirror.
– Our neighbor has placed an old rice storage shed in their garden.
– We went for my half year check-up of Thai Taxes.
– I had again a great lunch at Kham Ta Kla and I got my order of bread & sausages.
– Siripron went to a retirement party of the small hospitals.
– From our friend ครูฬิเอ โพนบกหนองผือ (Li-a) we got a lot of quail eggs.