Weather, Garden, Honda and more…

Last blog I complaint about not enough rain but this month it was better and on some days maybe a little too much. In the early morning of 18 August there was so much rain falling that children were fishing in the street for small fish and small crabs. When I brought Siripron to work, because of the heavy rain, our street looked like a small not deep “river”. Also so days it was heavy to ride on the dirt roads with my mountain bike and I could see that the few small rivers had more than enough water. On some days there were many fishermen (also ladies) with their nets on bamboo poles.

Because of the more frequent rain our grass was growing much faster, so I was happy that our new Swift battery lawn mower arrived. The old combination of the push lawn mower and the battery trimmer took me too much time and effort, I also had to remove the cut grass separately. Now with the Swift battery powered lawn mower the grass get collected in a bucket and I only have to empty that one 2 or 3 times per battery cycle.

This month we had to go again to the Honda garage for paying the second and last part of our insurance but also for maintenance. The total cost for the insurance was 17.620 THB (about EUR 475), including passenger insurance and for the maintenance we had to pay 5,260 THB (about EUR 142). The next time we will need new tires because 30.000 km and already more than 3 years old (drying out).

After a few virtual runs (running in your own time for the amount of km) we could books for the next month’s real running events but they are all according to the “new normal”. That will say for instance a limited number of runners and maybe wearing masks before and after the run. For now we booked 2 runs in Nakhon Phanon, on 13 September along the Mekong River and on 8 November running over the bridge to Laos & back.

On Friday 14 August we went to the big Hospital of Sakon Nakhon to get the 3 monthly order of pills for the Papa of Siripron. Lunch we did at the Robinson shopping mall and also there we bought a new mobile phone for Siripron, because her old phone had many problems with the battery and it was time for a new one.

Other things that happened:
– Again I went to Kham Ta Kla for a lunch and got bread & frikandellen.
– Sadly my old iPad had a hardware error and we don’t think we will repair it.
– On Sunday 30 Augustus I could do my 90 days report by Internet.
– In Augustus we had some cremations of people in our village.
– I ordered a mirror & handles for my mountain bike with Lazada.