Not Enough, Garden, Buddha days and more…

The rainy season started well but the last few weeks there is not enough rain so people have to pump up water on the rice fields. For the owners we planted small rice plants is was difficult to find people to work on the rice fields. Siripron helped her sister Wannapa 1 day with cooking lunch but also helped with planting. We were happy with the rain on 28 July, it rained (not heavy) until mid-day !!!

For our garden we bought 4 new trees, one new lychee to replace the old tree that was broken by heavy wind. On Siripron her request there is again a Durian tree and we bought also 2 Noina (custard apple) trees for more close to the drive-way.
Cutting the grass is our garden was not going well in July because we had some problems with the cutting machines. De trimmer we had to send for repairs to Black & Decker and with the hand lawn mower the blades are hard to turn when we start to use it. So we ordered a battery lawn mower from the Internet….

On 5 and 6 July were 2 Buddha Days (Asalha Puja Buddha Day & Buddhist Lent Day) as the start of the 3 months with special Buddha Days. Because of his current condition the Papa of Siripron will not sleep at our Temple complex. He had last year a few bad recoveries after sleeping in the Temple. Our visit to the Snake Temple Kham Chanot, one day later, was a meeting with “the new normal” because there were many of people before us waiting to go inside the complex. We made outside photos, went for a nice lunch at Kinnaree Bandung and went home.

After Arun last month made a power plug in our bathroom I installed a shelf to put the heater/air blower on. I also made 2 shelfs, who can be put down, on the sides of our bed. On those shelf we put our phones for charging in the night.

Other things that happened:
– At Honda we paid our first part of our car insurance (part 2 in August).
– I went alone to Kham Ta Kla for again a lunch and got bread & sausages.
– The Birthday of Warunee (21 July) was celebrated with a Sukiyaki/Shabu dinner.
– In the morning of 26 July I had to run 5 km for a Virtual Run.
– Siripron had an extra day-off because of no Songkran celebration in April.
– A dinner party in a bar because Supana and Jan celebrated 10 years together.
– 28 July the Birthday of 10th King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn.