Building blocks, Taxes, Activities and more…

For my birthday I ordered a Lego set to build Dobby the house elf of Harry Potter. Siripron and I had so much fun to build that one that we ordered the next, the Auspicious Dragon. The building of that one is more faster because we use the Lego Builder App. But I also was searching for another one but didn’t want to pay the Lego price for it! I bought the none Lego building blocks of the Eiffel tower, a set of 10.001 pieces. After 2 weeks of buildings 1 to 3 hours a day I think I’m now on 50%.

March is the time to do Taxes in the Netherlands and in Thailand. But when Siripron had a day-off we could not go to Thai Taxes because we didn’t have the papers complete. So, on Tuesday 12 we went only to Sakon Nakhon because for my Dutch Government pension I had to prove that I’m alive and living in Thailand. Within a few minutes the papers were stamped and signed at the Social Security Office (SSO). After that we did a lunch at the Food Court in the Robinson Shopping Mall and of course we bought boxes of cherries at the Tops Market supermarket. The Taxes declarations were this year simple and the results were the same, I had to pay nothing extra (NL) and nothing (Thailand).

For the virtual challenges I received in March some medals. This month I virtual walked & biked in America (Appalachian Trail & Grand Canyon (new)), England (The Haunted Castles) and Vietnam (the Vietnam Coast, the long version). I’m of course still busy with the year cycling challenge (Conqueror 2024) and I finished Brazil (Amazon Rain Forest).

I’ve ordered some mints from Europe with Ubuy but they were stuck at Thai Customs and we had to do many documents and had to register us as an importer of goods in Thailand. We decided not to do that because of costs and Siripron had to take an extra day-off to go to Nong Khai Customs. So, the goods were “destroyed”. We ordered the mints again with a Thailand based company.

On Monday, 25 March, I ordered a new Garmin sport watch on the Lazada website. My old Fenix 5X APAC version was almost 5 years old and even though it is still working perfect I wanted already a longer time an upgrade. My idea was to buy a Fenix 7X but when I saw that the Fenix 7X pro had a big discount and that it was available in dark carbon gray it was easy. For now, I am busy to adjust the watch to my needs.

Other things that happened:
– The Honda WR=V had service after a half year.
– Both, the youngest son, came home for a few days.
– We went to the cremation of the neighbor behind us.
– The Marriage of a colleague of Siripron called Ann in a village nearby.
– Kham Ta Kla for lunch and our monthly order of sausages & bread.
– In our garden many mangos fall off and we will see what is left.
– Siripron went every weekend 1 day to give water to the trees.