Rice field, Nakhon Phanom and more…

On the rice field the water tank was finished and Arun connected the long water pipe of almost 100 meters with 7 water taps. After that we tested giving water to the trees with the 4 hoses we already had. When we drove back from Nakhon Phanom we bought with the Sakon Nakhon Home Pro 3 extra water hoses of 20 meters, but we still have to install them. On Sunday 25 February Siripron gave all the trees water and was finished in about 2,5 hour and she didn’t had to carry with a bucket anymore.

As an early celebration of my Birthday we went again to Nakhon Phanom, on the banks of the Mekong River. We stayed in the same Fortune River View Hotel as before and the Saturday evening was the same “routine” as we always do. So, we took a tuktuk to the Snake (Naga) statue (photos), we bought lottery tickets, walked over the night market and had a dinner in “our” restaurant nearby the “clocktower”. After dinner we bought some fruites and 2 rice field hats and we went back to our hotel with another tuktuk. The next morning after breakfast and a few steps along the shore of the Mekong River we went home to take care of our dog Chok Dee.

For the virtual challenges I received in February some medals. But in this blog I want to tell something else than which ones I did and/or finished. I want mention the friends I made in the more then 3 years I do this. Some of the people also became Facebook friends and therefore you see me connected to virtual friends from Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, England and the US. So, it’s not only exercising for results and medals but I love to be a part of a super friendly worldwide community.

This month I went 2 times alone to Udon Thani, on 8 February I went to “Studio 7” at Central Plaza to buy an iPhone 15 with nice a Chinese New Year discount. But also after a blow-up of the inner rear tire of my bike, I went to a bike shop in Udon Thani to buy a better quality inner and outer tire. The 1 month “old” outer tire was wobbly and poorly made.

On 26 February, an extra day off for Government, we had a pre-Birthday dinner with the family. It was a Thai BBQ with also charcoal grilled shrimps and for fruit we bought mango’s. There was also Birthday cake and the next day, my real Birthday, we got an extra cake from Preaw & Both. Also here I say “Thank you” for all the good wishes.

Other things that happened:
– It was time to do the grass (and leaves) again.
– I had to go to my bank to re-activate the bank App on the new phone.
– I changed the batteries on the sensors of my indoor recumbent bike.
– Kham Ta Kla for lunch and our monthly order of sausages & bread.
– We brought the Papa of Siripron for a check-up to the hospital.