iPhone, Garden, Celebrate Village and more…

At the end of September my “bike phone” (an old iPhone 5) fell down and was broken, so I ordered on-line an iPhone 6s. But because that phone had a few problems with charging I had to send it back to the shop and it took a while but I got my money back. In the meanwhile my iPhone 7 showed some problems with the battery and I already had some problems with the space on the phone (32 Gb). That’s why, after talking to Siripron, I ordered with the Thai Apple Store a new iPhone 11 with 128 Gb. And only 4 days later I got the iPhone 11, delivered from Singapore.

For the part of the garden in front of our house we had the cut some trees down because we could not see our neighbors anymore. Also because we had rain in the beginning of October I had to cut the grass a few times. The combination between the battery operated Swift lawn mower and the battery operated trimmer works really well.

In October we celebrated our village Ban Pho Chai (Moo 9 of Tambon Ban Thon). This is an event that will happen every year somewhere in October. On the days before Siripron and I bought a few things, paid by her Papa, to give to the Temple and on the Friday before we prepared a “Money tree” to give also to the Temple. In a village meeting there was already decided how much money every household had to pay for the celebration.

On Saturday 17 October there was a car with music driving around the village and in the evening/night some movies were played on a big screen. On the Sunday morning after the celebration we went to the Temple to give all the Temple gifts. One week later, on the Sunday, Tambon Ban Thon celebrated with limited music, movies and the next day at their Temple.


Other things that happened:
– I finally cold see the last season of Games of Thrones.
– I started the procedure for extending my NL Driving License.
– In our cheap “Airfryer” we tried some French Fries and I worked well.
– October had 2 special remember days, the 13th King 9 and the 23th King 5.
– For Siripron here breakfast we bought an electric egg cooker.
– Saturday 31 October Loy Krathong…