Nakhon Phanom, Rice Harvest and more…

On 7 November we drove again to Nakhon Phanom but now we stayed in “our” standard River View Hotel. We first went to the Event area to get our running shirts for the next morning. After the hotel check-in we went by tuktuk to the city centre for a little walk and a nice dinner. On Sunday morning the Fun run was according the rules of “the new normal”, at the Event area we had to wear masks, we did not run at the Laos part of the bridge and the food & drinks were is closed bottles & packs. After breakfast in or hotel we walked a little in the garden on the bank of the Mekong River.

With my mountain bike I had 2 times a flat tire, one time 3 km from home and the other he time about 6 km from home… so, I bought a new tire for behind. I November I passed the 3.000 km cycling in this year. Siripron did her yearly health run with the hospitals around Sawang Daen Din.

The second part of November people in our village, and I think all over Thailand, were busy with the rice harvest. Siripron helped a few days her family with cutting the rice plants by hand, because the waiting list for the harvest machine was too long. After cutting the rice plants the cut parts have to dry a few days. The next step is to make bundles because the bundles go to the threshing machine to get the rice. If you use a harvest machine, the machine will also do the threshing and after that the rice has to dry. The drying of rice, on (blue) nets, is happening nearby the houses, in the gardens or on the streets.

Because the Thai Government want to support the hotels in Thailand we had again extra days-off and we went on Thursday 19 November to the Lotus Temple. We have been there before but we like the surroundings and it is always quiet there.

At the end of the month the “hospital” of Siripron said goodbye to a colleague. Pichapa Pung or Ann worked 6 year there and she now moves to a hospital closer to home in Kham Ta Kla. On Sunday 29 November Ann did a special goodbye lunch at her home. The Ban Thon hospital will get another nurse as a new colleague of Siripron.

Other things that happened:
– Lohr Sprayfoam came to solve the last problems with the roof.
– The motorbike of Both got a new battery and some other repairs.
– Again I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and our monthly order.
– My 90 day report to Immigration work well on the Internet.