Whale rocks, Visa extent, activities and more…

Because Siripron had a few extra days-off we went to the Phu Sing forest in the Bueng Kan province (about 130 km from our home) to see & walk on the Whale rocks. Because they do not allow people to drive up the mountain themselves anymore we paid for a 4-wheeldrive pick-up to bring us up and on the way back stop at some viewpoints and the elephant rock. The drive up and down was already an adventure itself. I hope photos will give an idea how great this trip was.

For my Visa extension of 1 year we had to prepare again many papers, also we had to get a proof that we are still married at the Government of People in Sawang Daen Din. Again the request is based on a proof of income from the Dutch Embassy. On Tuesday 15 December we went to Immigration in Sakon Nakhon. Because of Corona we first had to fill-out some forms outside the office, but it was not busy and after less than 1 hour we were finished. For now I have a temporary extension in my passport and I will get my definitive visa on 19 January. After this visit we went to a waterlily lake with a statue of a White Snake nearby the Kasetsart University of Sakon Nakhon.

On 1 December I started a virtual “Camino de Santiago”. That will say that all of my activity kilometers, like cycling/running/walking/daily steps, will add-up to do the almost 774 km pilgrims walk in Spain. I see my progress and my Street view position on the Internet. The organization also send me personalized postcard and they will plant in my name 5 trees in a new forest. I have chosen the “Camino” because I had planned to walk this one during a few holidays, but then there was “Thailand”.
Siripron and I walked on Saturday 19 December the 3.5 km health walk/run of anemai (Health Care Centre/small hospital) Khok Si. One week later Siripron had overtime, so she only helped in the early morning at the health ruun in another anemai.

Like normal in Thailand Christmas were here a normal Friday with Siripron working and the Children going to school. And the same as last year we gave our neighbors and some special people stroopwafels (Dutch caramel cookies) as a gift. This year special was a gift of a box of stroopwafels to the just as a Deputy Director promoted Kru Li-a who was a colleague of Warunee and Wanapa. We gave it also to her because she gave us a few months ago many quail eggs from her farming.

Other things that happened:
– I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch, our monthly order and special Xmas “food”.
– With the help of Ellen Hartman I have got my Dutch Driving License extent.
– In Udon Thani I changed the battery of my cycling iPhone 7.
– I ordered & sent back perfume on the Lazada website, get 2 times the wrong brand.
– The forest road were I also bike got now concrete and no red sand anymore.
– In 2020 I biked more than 3.500 km on my mountain bike.