Garden, Building blocks, Weather and more…

Almost at the end of June the last mango’s came of the trees, most of them came from the tree with the bigger kind. Siripron made her “last” batch of mango “compote”. So, somewhere in July we will have no more mango to eat, but I will have a long time mango “compote” on my bread in the morning. One of our lamyai (longan) trees, we have 2, will give frutes almost whole year long and the other one has now flowers.

For the building blocks I’ve finished the “none Lego” “Star Wars” Millennium Falcon (8.445 pieces) and together we still have to build the “none Lego” “Guardian of the Galaxy” Grote (476 pieces). I’ve started the somewhat difficult to build “none Lego” Globe (2.591 pieces) and the building blocks from the “none Lego” Apolo Saturn V rocket (1.969 pieces) are in the “waiting room”.
With the virtual challenges I received also in June some medals. This month I virtual walked & biked in America (Appalachian Trail & The Bigfoot Trail) and Vietnam (the Vietnam Coast, the long version). I’m of course still busy with the year cycling challenge (Conqueror 2024).

The rainy season in June was very variable, we had some very warm days with temperatures hitting almost the 40 degrees Celsius but also many (mainly) nights with heavy rain. The rain is of course good for the rice fields and for now it’s not too much. Siripron spend a few weekend days to give the rice plants food, to do maintenance and to prepare to plant so small rice plants on the empty spaces. The combination of sunny days and rain let also grow our garden grass fast and I was a few times busy mowing it, but wet grass and a battery powered lawn mower are not a good combination.

The grandson of our neighbors, on the other side of the street, lived a week as a monk in the Temple of Ban Pho Chai. The day before they had a ceremony with an “Isan culture person” who did the preparations. The quests wished the grandson afterwards good luck by a rope around his wrist and they donated some money. That day ended with a dinner for all the quests. The next day was the initiation in the Temple.

Other things that happened:
– 3 June was Queens Day in Thailand.
– For me again a “German” lunch and shopping in Kham Ta Kla.
– Nephew Arm came back from Korea and is waiting for his new permit.
– The motorbike of Both, that Siripron uses, needed a new front tire.
– The Papa of Siripron went 2 times for a check-up, because severe vertigo.
– 24 June we had our 9 years anniversary of marriage.
– The Garmin Fenix 7x Pro watch got a free replacement.
– 30 June Siripron her Birthday and family dinner.