Weather, Songkran, (none) Lego and more…

This blog I begin to talk about the weather because it’s normal in Thailand that April is the hottest month but this year the warmth already begun in March and now in April the temps go up to 43 degrees. The average midday temp is 41/42 degrees and the nights are 28/29 degrees. Because of this everybody uses more electricity, also in our house the aircons are doing overtime. Another problem was that the voltage was sometimes lower then 200 and the 2 Samsung aircons (rooms Benz & Both) didn’t work well. We changed the aircon for Both to a Daikin and in May we will change the one of Benz. In our garden and on the rice field some plants/trees have it difficult, maybe a few (or more than a few) will die.

Even though April in Thailand is the Songkran month, the Thai New Year begun on 13 April for us with a village parade. To celebrate we brought a case of beer to “behind” (the houses of Wannapha, Arun & Den). Both went a few days to Udon Thani for a festival. After 2 days doing nothing special we went in the morning to the Temple to do our “water ceremony” and in the evening we did a family water blessing, celebrated the birthday of the twin of Warunee (Mudmai & Mudmee) and we had a family dinner.

For the building blocks we finished the Lego Auspicious Dragon and I finished the “none Lego” Eiffel Tower. Because we/I like to build with (none) Lego we bought 2 new ones. The “none Lego” Star Wars R2-D2 I already finished and the “none Lego” Harry Potter Phoenix we are building together.

For the virtual challenges I received also in April some medals. This month I virtual walked & biked in America (Appalachian Trail), Chile (Torres del Paine), Dominican Republic (Island tour) and Vietnam (the Vietnam Coast, the long version). I’m of course still busy with the year cycling challenge (Conqueror 2024) and I finished America (Extraterrestrial Highway & Grand Canyon (new)), England (The Haunted Castles) and Japan (Tokyo).

Other things that happened:
– Arun & Den put new lacker on our red brick front wall.
– We’ve ordered on-line some bedding with IKEA in Bangkok.
– We bought a Garmin Index S2 smart scale (connected to Garmin Connect).
– Our septic tanks were emptied by our standard people.
– Kham Ta Kla for lunch and our monthly order of sausages & bread.
– Both, the youngest son, stayed a few weeks with us.
– A few times we had no electricity for about 1 hour..
– Siripron went every weekend 1 day to give water to the trees.