Car blessing, Family, Weather and more…

The car blessing happened a bit later then I wanted, At first the special Monk was traveling and after that he drove away when we almost arrived at the Temple. But finally on Sunday 15 October we were in time in the Temple of Charoen Sin before the Monk went away. First the Papa of Siripron talked to him and we gave him the gifts. After that we walked to the car were helper opened every door and were the Monk, sitting in the car, hanged a rope ribbon around the steering collum and he marked the ceiling with a blessing. When we left the Temple we had to use the car horn 9 times.

In the beginning of the month Siripron went with a part of the family to Udon Thani for the cremation of a uncle. Together we visited Narong, the oldest brother of Siripron, who can’t continue his chemotherapy treatment because of other physical problems. He was laying in a bed in his girlfriend’s house. He lost many kilos but was that day clear enough to talk but other days he’s more in pain and “out” because of his medicines.
Both ended his “Army days” at the end of October. Preaw has ordered the building of a new house in the village where her Mama lives and together with Both they will celebrate the building at the beginning of next month. We are happy that Benz is in Taiwan because he wanted to apply for going to Israel…

October gave us many rains in the beginning and also there was rain in the last week of the month but for now “winter is coming”. But after a few dry days I could mow the longer grass again. For the rice field trees the last rain was very good but winter is here the dry season and we are looking for ways to water the still small trees. On the rice field part it looks like this year the coming rice harvest of the end of November is going to give us many bags of rice.

This month I virtual walked & biked in China (The Forbidden City), “Game of Thrones – Westeros” (Mother of Dragons), Mexico (Day of the Dead) and New Zealand (Te Araroa, whole NZ from the north to the south). Of course, I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023) and I finished in “Game of Thrones – Westeros” (Valar Morghulis), Italy (Florence), Mexico (Dia de Los Muertos) and Scotland (Loch Ness). In September I received 2 medals of the finished challenges.

Other things that happened:
– When Glen ordered his new car Warunee sold our old Jazz to the dealer.
– 13 October was Remember King IX, Siripron went in the morning to pay repect.
– I went again to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and my monthly order.
– 23 October Remember King V.
– 29 October the end of 3 months with special Buddha days.
– We had again a few moments without electricity.
– Siripron went several times to the rice field and also checked the planted trees.