Rice field trees, Rain/roof, Narong and more…

Siripron has 9 rai of land for planting rice but 4 rai of that she can’t use for planting rice because it’s too high, so not enough water can be hold there. Already some years I had the same question for Siripron but every year there was something else, The first years there was sugarcane, later there was grass for cows and a year it was “maybe Narong will do short rice”. But this year she said that we could use a part for planting trees and maybe next year the rest of the 4 rai when the grass for the cows goes away.

So we ordered 250 small trees, those trees were between 30 and 40 cm high and 50% of them contains nutrients so that mushrooms can grow in the future. On Friday 7 July a tractor prepared the land and on Saturday we hired some people to plant the trees. Because the 300 trees were planted 2,5 meters from each other Siripron had to buy 180 trees more at a local shop. After 1 week we had to replace 10 trees who didn’t survived the transport and the planting, but the total is still 430.

Almost every night in July we had rain, this is very good for the rice and the just planted trees but our roof still had some small problems. Because we still have guaranty with the foam spraying on the inside of the roof we had contact with the supplier and on Friday 7 July they came to fix the problems. Because they sprayed the outside of the roof brother Den painted the new foam and did some maintenance on the older foam.

Narong, the oldest brother of Siripron, had a difficult time this month. His chemotherapy had to be postponed because his short of breath and low value of his white blood cells. It went so bad that after being admitted in a local hospital (Bang Dung) he was moved to Udon Thani and later back to Bang Dung before he could go home. Siripron and her sisters visited him a few times and they try to support him and his family.

This month I virtual walked & biked in America (The Grand Canyon), France (Provence), LOTR (Return of the King – the Helm’s Deep challenge) and New Zealand (Te Araroa, whole NZ from the north to the south). Of course, I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023) and I finished Belgium (Brussels), England (Wizard’s Journey) and LOTR (Return of the King – the Rohan challenge).

Other things that happened:
– I went again to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and my monthly order.
– We had in July a few times with a longer period without electricity.
– It was also time to mow to grass again.
– 28 July was the Birthday of King X of Thailand.
– I helped again my sister-in-law Warunee with some Swedish papers.
– We prepare a few small things for a visit/coming for holiday in August.