Visit from NL, Garden/rain, Celebrations and more…

On Thursday 1 June with picked-up my brother Jos and his wife Marga from the Udon Thani Airport they arrived this morgen in Thailand from The Netherlands. They stayed until Monday 5 June with us in the house and we did together some trips. We begun on Friday afternoon with a visit to the UNESCO Ban Chiang Archeologic Site/Museum. The next day after lunch we drove 180 km to Nakhon Phanom on the bank of the Mekong River, so Jos would wake-up there on his Birthday. Sunday after breakfast we drove 200 km to Phu Sing, the ”3 Whale Rocks” where we did the 4-Wheeldrive tour. Lunch and a about 120 km drive brought us back home and dinner was for the second time in the “Balinese style” looking restaurant. Monday, around lunch, Jos & Marga flew back for 1 night Bangkok and after that they started their short beach holiday.

It looked like the rain waited for Jos & Marga to go to Bangkok because the rest of the month was really wet. So wet that I had to mow the grass a few times and because our B&D trimmer made many noise, we bought a Makita battery powered trimmer that I can use with the batteries that I already have. The rains were very good for the rice fields and on “our” rice field the rice plants are growing fast.

On 17 June we went to Udon Thani for some shopping because of the important days this month, 24 June Wedding anniversary & 30 June Birthday Siripron. At the “Gold shop” we bought 2 “nail” bracelets of 1 “Baht” each, 1 Bath extra because Siripron used a part of her savings. In Central Plaze we had lunch and bought cloths, 2 boxes of cherries and 2 small buckets of rum raisin ice cream.

This month I virtual walked & biked in America (The Grand Canyon), England (The Wizard’s Journey – slightly based on Harry Potter) and LOTR (Return of the King – the Rohan challenge). Of course, I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023) and I finished Australia (the Great Barrier Reef – long version), Caribbean Jamaica and Mexico (Tulum to Chichen Itza).

Other things that happened:
– The small pack that was left in our house arrived in time to Bangkok.
– Our cold-water machine was leaking, so we bought a new one.
– I helped again my sister-in-law Warunee with some Swedish papers.
– Brother in law Den changed again the old pump for the new one.
– Both, the youngest son of Siripron, had to go a few days back to the Army.
– The oldest brother of Siripron, Narong, is treated for liver cancer.
– We have again problems with our roof but it will be solved in July.