Too warm, Garden, Activities and more…

On Saturday 6 May we had maintenance on our aircons and that was also the moment that we decide to do an aircon in the living room. The reason is that it’s get too warm there when the temperature outside gets over the 35 degrees Celsius. So, we ordered a 24.000 btu Daikin inverter that they delivered 1 week later. Because we didn’t had a door to the hallway we ordered also a special made swinging door and that was also installed on the same day. For now we will only use the living room aircon when the temperature in that room comes above the 35/36 degrees. But when we will get visitors we will use it also with a little lower temperatures.

Because we don’t get enough rain, we have to give every day water to the plants and pots, also we give about 2 times a week water to the trees in the garden. A few months ago we were afraid that all the mango’s would fall off but now, in the mango season, we have many of them but only 3 of the purple kind is less then normal. From the first extra batch of mango’s Siripron made again mango jam/compote. Siripron went also to check the rice field and she worked in our garden. The few rain that felled down did let the grass grow, so I had to mow the lawn a few times.

On 23 May I went to Bangkok Hospital Udon Thani for my yearly eye check. I have to go every year because I check if my cataract is getting worse and there was also a warning in the family for glaucoma in combination with diabetes. I don’t have diabetes but testing is always good. The result was that my cataract and eyesight were almost the same and no trace of glaucoma.

For the virtual challenges I received in April some medals and 1 shirt. This month I virtual walked & biked in Australia (the Great Barrier Reef – the long version), Caribbean Jamaica, Mexico (Tulum to Chichen Itza) and LOTR (Return of the King – the Rohan challenge). Of course I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023), I ordered 2 new ones (and again a shirt) but this month I didn’t finished a challenge.

Other things that happened:
– We let the new pump getting repaired but we use still the old pump.
– Because the old pump gives some more pressure leaking points had to be repaired.
– Our septic tank were cleaned (we call it “toilet clean”).
– On 30 May I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch, getting our order and shopping.
– I helped my sister in law Warunee with some communication to Swedish insurance.
– I renewed my Health insurance and transferred it to a “new normal” plan.  
– The special days were 4 May Crowning’s Day and 17 May (Royal) Ploughing Day.   
– At the end of the month we were preparing for our coming visitors.