New bike or ?, Songkran, Activities and more…

On Saturday 1 April (not a joke) Siripron and I went to a (bigger) bike shop in Udon Thani to reconfigure/repair the Java carbon bike. At the shop I could talk to the English-speaking owner and the result was that we took a new bike home with the option to mix the parts later with the carbon frame. But after cycling about total 100 km on the Infinite Fuzz Pro bike I knew that I wanted the carbon frame back because of its bigger frame size. Tuesday 18 April, I brought the red bike back to mix it with the carbon frame and 2 days later I was able to pick-up the 2 bikes. I now have a revived Java Delta carbon bike and the “new” red bike with all the bad/damaged components.

On Wednesday 12 April Preauw and Both came from Bangkok to celebrate Songkran with the family, they slept all days in our house because of the warmth. Thursday 13 April was the real start of Songkran and there was the first parade in our village. In the parade there were the new statues that where a gift to our Temple of Ban Pho Chai. In the afternoon there was a festival with music. The second day Siripron went with her Papa to the Temple, there was again a parade and in the evening the family paid respect to Papa and we celebrated already the Birthday of Mudmie & Mudmai (the twin of Warunee).

The thirth day of Songkran Preauw & Both had to go back to Bangkok and we went, like a normal Saturday to the afternoon/night market to buy food. The day ended with a small storm with heavy rain and an electricity interruption of 2 hours… On the Monday after Songkran, we went to pay respect to the Mama of Siripron by blessing her remember stone at the Temple aera and we saw the final places of the statues. There are 8 statues for all the days of the week, with 2 statues for the Wednesday.

Our Sister (in law) Warunee had for almost 2 weeks a visitor coming over from Portland (USA). They met in Bangkok and after a few days she came home with him. Glen wants to retire in Thailand so Warunee and Glen were looking if there is a future together. And the end of the Holiday they went again to Bangkok to see what Glen have to do to stay in Thailand in the nearby future and of course he had to go back home.

For the virtual challenges I received in April some medals and 2 shirts. This month I virtual walked & biked in Australia (the Great Barrier Reef – the long version), Caribbean Jamaica and LOTR Return of the King – the Rohan challenge. Of course I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023) and I finished Cech Republic (Prague), Germany (the second time the Romantic Road) and Israel (the Jesus Trail).

Other things that happened:
– Our new pump stopped working and the old pump is back now and working well.
– 6 April was Chakri Day, a day to honor the Kings of Thailand.
– We had 1 day without our Internet in the house after a storm.
– In April it was a very warm in Thailand with for us days with 40 to 42 degrees.