Replacements, Taxes, Activities and more…

March was a month were we had to do some replacements. It begun with our water pump, it looked like to old pump had a kind of “asthma” (short of breath) because his did only short parts of pumping and after about 10 minutes he looked like overheated and stopped for a few minutes. Siripron her youngest brother Den replaced the pump after we bought a new one in Sawang Daen Din. Because our washing machine was leaking and the attached dryer made a lot of noise we also decided to replace that one after about 7 years. There were also some smaller replacements, but some of the garden replacement will come when the rainy season starts.

After preparing my papers we went on Thursday 8 to the Revenue Office in Sawang Daen Din for a tax return based on income and the result was that I had to pay 6,818 THB (about EUR 184) for the whole year. In the beginning of the month I did my Dutch tax return on the Internet and it was still simple to do. Now a part of my income is taxed in Thailand and the Government pension from The Netherlands is taxed in The Netherlands. The result is that I have paid nothing and not get taxes back.

For the virtual challenges I received also in March some medals. This month I virtual walked & biked in Australia (the Great Barrier Reef – now the long version), Germany (the second time a Romantic Road challenge) and LOTR Return of the King the Rohan challenge. Of course I continued the year challenge (Conqueror 2023) and I finished Italy (a route in Rome), Romania (Dracula’s Road), a Thai “Save the Hornbill” run challenge and USA (the Rocky Mountains). For the medals I replaced the self-made LOTR hanger with a one I bought at the Internet and my big medal display got an extend.

Other things that happened:
– I went again to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and my standard order.
– Benz and Both had their Birthday.
– On Makha Bucha Day Siripron went with her Papa to the Temple.
– I went to Udon Thani were the under dental fix was ready.
– There was a second time to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and order.
– We had some more power down moments because of storms nearby.
– The last weeks the temperature were high with a max of 40 degrees..