IM Tomas, House, Music, Activities and more…

On Saturday 22 October Tomas, the Swedish husband of Warunee died. He lost his battle against cancer. About 5 years ago he won the battle against colon cancer but it came back to other parts of his body. Thinking that he still a few months to live Warunee went on 6 October to Sweden to support him but everything went more fast because he had also fluid in his lungs. So after Warunee took care of Tomas at home he was brought to the hospital where he passed away… On 26 October Warunee came back to Thailand.

For our house Den and his wife Nong did our front wall again in varnish to protect the stones from crumbling in the extreme warm sun. This took them almost 2 days and the next 2 days Den and a nephew (the husband of niece Toen) covered the inside opening between the high and the roof with a net against birds coming into the roof. The birds were picking the insulation foam away on some parts. Lohr Sprayfoam will come in the beginning of November to repair the damaged foam and they will resolve some leaking parts.

Because my X-Fi music player stopped working a few year ago I wanted to buy a new portable music player. That’s to Facebook and Instagram advertising I found the Hidizs AP80 PRO-X player a really small player that can hold-up to 20.000 songs. For now I also bought some cheap Bluetooth earplugs to play music while I use my recumbent indoor bike. I hope to buy better earplugs later.

For the “virtual challenges” I am still busy with the “Conquer 2022”, the year challenge of 2.022 mile (3.255 km of cycling). This month I virtual walked & biked around the Bahamas, in Brazil (the Estrada Real), Ireland (Wild Atlantic Way) and Middle Earth part 5 (Mordor). I finished the Florida Keys challenge. I received a few medals and after the 5 km run of last month I had to take a few days-off from these exercises.

At the end of October there was again a celebration of our village as a fundraiser to the Temple. May (Pornpimol), the daughter of Nong & Den, made small deserts to give to the people on Sunday morning and the family helped her. Aon (Thanyalak) & Benz gave, also in our name, gifts to the celebration in the village of the family of Aon. Sunday evening we did the postponed family dinner to celebrate the start my Government pension (AOW) from The Netherlands on 27 September.

Other things that happened:
– 1 and 7 October I went to Udon Thani for my “last” appointments with the dentist.
– 10 October was the last Buddha Day of the 3 months with special Buddha Days.
– On Friday 21 October I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch, bread and sausages.
– With Mudmai & Mudmie we went to Udon Thani for shopping and lunch.
– There were some days-off (13 October remember King 9) & 24 October King 5.
– Siripron went again a few times to work on the rice field.