Tool shed, Roof, Rice, Activities and more…

The cage of Chok Dee, our Bangkaew dog, move to the back of the carport/garden to make space for building a tool shed at the back of our house. The size was decide by including 2 columns of our carport to the front of the shed. If took brother Den and the former boss of a builder group in our village about 6 days to build a metal frame and covering the frame with shera (conwood), with a double door in front. We bought 2 storage cabinets for keeping the small things and boxes.

For our roof Den and “boss” connected the house roof with the carport roof because with rain the “outside kitchen was getting wet. During these works also Lohr Sprayfoam came to solve several problems with leaking of our house roof. They sprayed the holes in the foam that the birds made inside the roof and they sprayed on the outside the holes in front and behind were leaking took place. After Lohr finished Den and “boss” (and a nephew) painted the visible outside foam.

In November Siripron went again to the rice field to check & take care, she also helped the family on their rice fields. On 17 and 18 November we hired people to cut the rice as the start of the harvest. The drying we did at the rice field after cutting, while other people dry the rice after threshing. For us the threshing machine came on Saturday 26 November, late in the afternoon, to separate the rice from the cut plants.

For the “virtual challenges” I am still busy with the “Conquer 2022”, the year challenge of at least 2.022 mile (3.255 km of cycling), but I raised it to 4.250 km. This month I virtual walked & biked in Brazil (the Estrada Real), England (Hadrian’s Wall), Ireland (Wild Atlantic Way) and Transylvania (the Dracula route). I finished the Bahamas and Beijing challenge. Also the LOTR challenge came to an end by “destroying the ring in Mount Doom”.

From The Netherlands I received my ordered book about “Stoops Bad”. That was the swimming pool where I really learned to swim, where I got my 4 swimming certificates and where I trained for competition swimming contests. The book is illustrated with old photos and drawings made by a Dutch artist from Haarlem named Eric J. Coolen.

Other things that happened:
– I ordered some dried figs and we gave them to some people who never eat them.
– We went for dinner to the birthday of KimKim (son of Kukkik/grandson of Arun).
– I covered a part of the cage of Chok Dee with shera.
– We donated money for tiling of the cremation building at the Ban Thon Temple.
– I had to do again the grass but it was more grass seeds then long grass.
– On Tuesday 22 November I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch, bread and sausages.
– From my ING bank I’ve got a new credit card that’s again 5 years valid.
– 29 November Siripton had a dinner because of the change of colleague’s.
– The last week of November we got some rain and that’s not normal.