New Things, Visa extent, activities and more…

In December I replace my old Windows 8 Lenovo laptop for a Windows 11 HP Pavilion laptop and my Beelink Android TV box was replace with a Nvidia Shield Android TV box. For both I needed a few days to understand it and to install them with the program/Apps that I wanted. I really happy with these and I’m still learning how to use them more optimized. At Home Pro we bought 2 cabinets for in our bathroom.

For my Visa extension of 1 year we had to prepare again many papers, also we had to get a proof that we are still married at the Government of People in Sawang Daen Din. Again the request is based on a proof of income from the Dutch Embassy. On Tuesday 13 December we went to Immigration in Sakon Nakhon at the new location nearby the Airport. This time we were again fast finished and we went for shopping in Home Pro and the Robinson shopping mall were we also did lunch.

For the challenges in December I was virtual in Iceland (Ring Road), Madagascar (the RN7 road route), Puerto Rico and in Transylvania (Dracula). I finished the year challenge Conquer 2022, England (the 2nd time Hadrian’s Wall), Ireland (the Atlantic Way) and Rovaniemi (the Christmas villages). Some medals came to Thailand and were placed on my big medal display.

5 December was again Papa Day in Thailand, with the whole family we paid our respect to the Papa of Siripron. From Aon (Thanyalak) & Benz we’ve got some boxes with fruit, cakes and more. Both is still “temporary” out of the Army and he’s working with Preauw in a beauty clinic in Bangkok. Siripron went to a Christmas lunch with her work. For Christmas and New Year we bought for Siripron a (half Bath) golden hanger for her golden necklace. On 30 December Kukik (the daughter of Arun) and her husband Pak, did a special celebration of their new house with a blessing by Monks.

Like normal in Thailand Christmas is not celebrated but on Christmas Eve we did a special seafood dinner with fish and squid rings. At the restaurant in Kham Ta Kla I again ordered some Christmas stuff like cookies, raisin bread and mulled wine (glühwine). The same as last year we will give our neighbors and some special people stroopwafels (Dutch caramel cookies) as a gift. Christmas Day Siripron did the morning overtime in the small hospital, Boxing Day was a normal work day and on Saturday 31 December we went like normal to the Saturday afternoon/evening market.

Other things that happened:
– Constitution Day was on 10 December, but 12 was the day-off for Government.
– The celebration of the new house of Nathapat & Steven (neighbors of Warunee).
– I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch, our monthly order and special Xmas “food”.
– The Papa of Wutti. my brother in law, died after being a long time sick.
– In 2022 I did more than 4.500 km on my Recumb bike and mountain bike combined.