Weather, Run/Walk, Activities and more…

September, especial the second part, gave us many rain. Almost every day it rained a few times a day and sometimes heavy rain. For me it means that I have to plan more when I will cut the grass because all the battery powered mowers don’t like the grass to be wet. For the rice field there was sometimes too much water but it still looks good. In our garden Den, the youngest brother of Siripron, cut and removed some smaller trees that only gave us many work with falling leaves.

On Friday 16 September there was again a “Health Run” of 5 km organized by Anamai Ban Thon. This is de hospital/nurse post where Siripron works, so she could not run. For me it was a kind of run/walk/run/walk session and 1 week later on the Saturday I walked the same round again as an extra activity.

For the “virtual challenges” I am still busy with the “Conquer 2022”, the year challenge of 2.022 mile (3.255 km of cycling). This month I virtual walked & biked around the Bahamas, in Brazil (the Estrada Real), the Florida Keys, Ireland (Wild Atlantic Way) and Middle Earth part 5 (Mordor). I finished Middle Earth part 4 (The Eye of Sauron), Morocco (a Sahara Trail) and in Papua New Guinea (Kokoda Trail). Of course I also received some of the medals and because of the rain I biked more inside (recumb).

Other things that happened:
– Siripron went 2 times with her Papa to the morning service in “our” Temple.
– We changed the battery and a tire on the motorbike of Both that Siripron uses.
– On Thursday 22 September I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch, bread and sausages.
– 27 September was the start of my official Government retirement (AOW).
– Preauw & Both did a short visit home because they had a break from work.
– Siripron had a dinner for the people who retire after this month.