Covid-19, Visa extent, activities and more…

I know that there are many comments about the booster campaign in The Netherlands but in Thailand it going much better. Because with the first 2 injection Thailand was far behind on Europe but the health care workers already got their booster in August and the booster injection for other people started on Wednesday 15 December. I got my booster 1 day later, I was lucky that it was not busy and it took me 1 hour, including driving to and back from Sawang Dean Din. After my 2 AstraZeneca (7 June & 30 August) I choose for Moderna (16 December).

For my Visa extension of 1 year we had to prepare again many papers, also we had to get a proof that we are still married at the Government of People in Sawang Daen Din. Again the request is based on a proof of income from the Dutch Embassy. On Monday 13 December we went to Immigration in Sakon Nakhon. Because of Corona we first had to fill-out some forms outside the office, but it was not busy and after less than 30 minutes we were finished. For now I have a temporary extension in my passport and I will get my definitive visa on 19 January. After this visit we did shopping in Home Pro and the Robinson shopping mall were we also did lunch.

For the challenges in December I was virtual in China (the Great Wall), Egypt (second time at the Pyramids, another route), Germany (Berlin Wall), Japan (3 Holy Mountains), Peru (Inca Trail 2), Russia (Moscow) and the USA (Route 66 & Pacific Crest, a west coast trail). Some other medal came to Thailand and were placed on my big medal display.

Like normal in Thailand Christmas is not celebrated but on Christmas Eve we did a special Pizza dinner. At the restaurant in Kham Ta Kla I had ordered some Christmas stuff like cookies, raisin bread and mulled wine (glühwine). The same as last year we gave our neighbors and some special people stroopwafels (Dutch caramel cookies) as a gift. Christmas Day and Boxing Day Siripron did the morning overtime in the small hospital and on Saturday we went like normal to the afternoon/evening market.

5 December was again Papa Day in Thailand, we paid our respect to the Papa of Siripron. From Aon (Thanyalak) & Benz Siripron got a bracelet gift and we got healthy drinks from them. Both is doing alright with his army training and the last days of December they had permission for more phone contact. So, Preauw (Kanyapak) and Siripron spoke & saw him on Messenger (sharing photos in not permitted). Siripron went on 28 December to the end of year party dinner of the small hospitals.

Other things that happened:
– Constitution Day was on 10 December, a day-off for Government workers.
– Of course Max Verstappen, a Dutch man, became World Champion Formule 1.
– I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch, our monthly order and special Xmas “food”.
– In 2021 I biked more than 3.900 km on my mountain bike.