Covid-19, Both army, Rice harvest and more…

In The Netherlands the Corona situation got worse because of the colder weather. In Thailand it get step by step a little better. It helps that the people are a bit forced to get their injections. About a week ago the boss of Village named all the people who didn’t have had an injection and older people without injection cannot get their pension money because they cannot go to get it. Siripron her father got his first Astrazeneca injection at Sawang Daen Din because they have more checks for people with heart problems.

In the beginning of November Preauw & Both came back from Bangkok because Both his Army training started. On Tuesday 2 November after dinner we did a blessing for him and the next day Siripron and Preauw brought Both to the Army gathering place in Sawang Daen Din. The same day recruits we brought to the Army building in Sakon Nakhon and later to the training center nearby Bangkok, were they went in quarantine. During his training Both can called only on Sunday evening to Preauw and Siripron. Siripron get sometimes photos for a special Army training chat group.

November in Thailand is the rice harvest month. The “short” growing rice is already harvest at the end of October or at the beginning of the November but for the “normal” rice it’s the end of this month. The rice is first cut by hand or machine, and then laid to dry. After that bundles are made for the machine who separates the rice from the plant and put the rice in bags. This part was done at the last weekend of November for the rice fields of Arun, Wannapha/Wutti and our rice field. Siripron helped on Sunday afternoon and we bought some food and drinks to celebrate it.

For the Virtual Challenges I walked and biked virtual in Cambodia, east Canada, China, Hawaii Honolulu, Jordan, Mexico, Russia, the USA and a 5 km for the Giant Panda. Of course I received also some of the finisher medals and virtual certificates. It’s just fun with the progress on a map, the postcards and the checkpoints.

Other things that happened:
– Our niece Nana came to work at the small hospital were Siripron works.
– We cleaned our metal water bottle that we use every day.
– Siripron went to 2 blessings of new houses of our nieces (Kukkik & Nana).
– My lunch at Kham Ta Kla with buying bread & sausages.
– I did again the grass in our garden, got more grass flowers than grass.
– We did not go to the Loy Krathong festival because of Covid-19.
– Siripron had a flat tire on the motorbike of Both that she use every day.
– I am busy with Affinity Photo to adjust the photos of Mexico that turned yellow.