Covid-19, Celebrations, Temple and more…

While in The Netherlands the Corona situation gets worse in Thailand is it about the same as last month. The number of infected people are around 8.500 to 9,000 per day and around 75 deaths. Every week the people of the small “hospital” were Siripron works have 2 sesions where they give 50 to 80 vaccines to people (first injection with Sinovac). At the Hospital in Sawang Daen Din they give the second injection with Astrazeneca.

In October we had 2 celebrations in our village. The first one was about the Temple Wat Si Phon Sung and in the parade there was a new statue of a well-known monk. The celebration of our Moo.9/Ban Pho Chai had a more simple character because it was help on the grounds of the same Temple.

Because Siripron had an extra day-off we visited the Temple Wat Pa Phurithatta Thirawat of another well-known Monk. This Temple was situated nearby the mountains/hills south of Phanna Nikhom, about 75 km from or home. When we arrived it was just the end of a ceremony with many visitors and that’s why we had the Temple ground almost for ourselves. For me the most attractive were the older buildings but the new building was also beautiful with f.i. the galleria of Monks statues.

For the Virtual Challenges I walked and was cycling “to the Sun”, for the cities in Singapore & Sydney and for the countries in east Canada (Cabot Trail), Cambodia Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico (Tulum to Chichen Itza) & in the USA (Route 66 and Pacific Crest). My big medal display was extended and got some new medals. The young lady in Nova Scotia Canada got the medal we send her and she was very happy.

We are now really at the end of the rainy season and 2 November the winter will start officially. In October I had to mow the grass 2 times because the rain let the grass grow fast. For now I expect it will get fast dry and then I can cut the grass really short.

Other things that happened:
– 13 October remember the death of King 9 (King Bhumibol).
– My lunch at Kham Ta Kla with buying bread & sausages.
– I replaced our shower boiler for a new one because we had some problems.
– 23 October remember the death of King 5 of Thailand.
– I have send a request for my Visa support letter to the Netherlands Embassy.