Covid-19, Retirements, Virtual Challenges and more…

The Corona situation in Thailand is a little bit better but the (lower) school are still closed. We still have to wear masks and tourism is limited to a few island with heavy restrictions. The number of deaths has gone down from above 240 to about 130 per day. On 24 September was “Mahidol Day” (Health Care Day) in Thailand, normal a day off for Government workers but this year they used it for giving Covid-19 injections also the small hospital were Siripron works.

September is in Thailand the month of the Governments Retirements. For our family the second brother of Siripron, Arun, retired, we had a blessing of Arun and family dinner. At the small hospital of Siripron one of the nurses (“Júw”, we call her “Nurse Sawang”) retired and she will be replaced with a grandniece from us called “Nana”.

I am still busy with Virtual Challenges, so my cycling and walking/daily steps are used for the total kilometers. Because the “Conqueror Challenges” exists now 5 years there was a 3 day lottery and on the last day I won 5 challenges for free. 3 of them I am already using and the other 2 I will activate later. In the Facebook group of these challenge I found amazing parents who participate with their limited wonderful daughter and we send the daughter a medal with a Thai theme from one of our Thai runs.

We’re almost at the end of the rainy season and we had this month more rain than in all the rainy season months before. This is of course good for the rice fields and the rice is doing well. But other places in Thailand had too much rain with serious damage of bridges, roads and of course houses.  For our garden I had to do the grass 2 times, because the first I did with a higher cut and the second time with a middle cut. The normal low cut was impossible.

Other things that happened:
– Friday 10 September Mr. Winakom Saiwaew (Pa Nuay – Siripron’s crazy “son”) died.
– My lunch at Kham Ta Kla with buying bread, sausages & cordon blue.
– This was a month with again many (short) electric power breaks.