New Year/Family, Visa, Activities and more…

For New Year many Thai went back to their home village. For our family the son of Arun & Teil (Tanakrit & Family), the daughter of Den & Nong (Khai Mook) and the son of Wannapha & Wutti (Domon) came “home”. Also a niece & nephew from Udon Thani came to celebrate with the family. Of course the sons of Siripron couldn’t come because Benz & Aon are still in Taiwan and Both was busy with his army training, so Preauw was “alone” in Bangkok. Like every year we gave our neighbors and family Dutch stroopwafels as a New Year gift.

On 23 January Aon & Benz celebrated their 2 year together. On 19 January Both started his first few free days-off after his army training. Because of the short time he came to Preauw in Bangkok and couldn’t come to our home.

On Friday 14 January I went to Immigration Sakon Nakhon to get my official Visa extent in my passport. They called the day before because my temporary Visa was still valid until 19 January. When I went in the Police/Immigration station I saw nobody familiar but within about 5 minutes I go my official Visa extent of 1 year. After that I went to the Robinson shopping mall for some shopping, calendars and Tops Supermarket.

For the virtual challenges I received in January many medals, 2 shirts and a special “3 Holy Mountain” bling. This month I virtual walked & biked in China (the Great Wall & a part of the Silk Road), Colombia (a coffee trail), Easter Island, Japan (Tokyo), Mexico (Mexico City), Singapore (nature walk in the city parks) and in the USA (finished Hollywood, Route 66 & Yellowstone and a part of a trail on the east coast). I started the year challenge (Conqueror 2022) and my big medal display got again an extension.

Other things that happened:
– We bought some frozen salmon and more at a fish shop in Sawang Daen Din.
– Kham Ta Kla for lunch and our monthly order of sausages & bread.
– Warunee took us to dinner in a Chinese fondue restaurant.
– I am preparing my Thai Tax return papers for 2021.