Covid-19, Garden, Chok Dee and more…

June was again a really bad month for Covid-19 in Thailand. Special the region around Bangkok is constant hit by Corana clusters, so workers have to stop working. The result is that then the people going back to their own provinces where they sometimes don’t follow the quarantine rules and infect other people. — For myself it was another story because we got a phone call on Friday 4 June that my vaccination appointment of 3 Augustus at the “Mor Prom” App was moved to Monday 7 June because of my age (65) and my high blood pressure medication. So, that Monday we went to the Hospital at Charoen Sin were I got my first AstraZeneca injection.

This month the Rainy Season really got started and we had some intense rain showers. Of course that meant that I had to cut the grass and we also cut some bushes & trees. The mango’s from our own garden are almost finished, Siripron made a few bottles mango puree. This year for the first time we had jackfruit from our own tree and we have now lamyai (logans) and noyna (custard apples).

In the night from 20 to 21 June (Sunday/Monday) Chok Dee got really sick, there was vomit & stool & blood in his cage and you could see that he was really wet of fever. Because he was too weak to go to a vet and because we thought he could die we decided to let him free in the garden. But after that he got day by day a little stronger and 2 days later he could eat a little food. On Friday Chok Dee was strong enough to walk on a line to Warunee her home where he normal eat some sticky rice.

24 June was our 6th Wedding Anniversary and 30 June Siripron had her Birthday. So on Saturday 26 June we went to Udon Thani for a nice lunch and we did some shopping. We started with buying new cycling shoes for me and some normal shoes for Siripron. Lunch was at the Pizza Company, Siripron had a Caesar salad and I had some fries. After lunch we took a tuktuk to a gold shop were Siripron her necklace got an upgrade from 1 to 2 Bath and we bought some take-away Vietnam food for the family.

Other things that happened:
– My standard lunch at Kham Ta Kla with buy bread and sausages.
– 3 June was Queens Birthday in Thailand.
– I did my 90-days report for Immigration again on Internet.
– Some virtual activity medals came and I am still busy with some other challenges.