New bike, Activities, Covid-19 and more…

In the beginning of May it became clear that the repair of my mountain bike would take again longer than expected. And because a new bike was already in my mind for somewhere this year and now I had a reason to do it now already. Because of Covid-19 in Thailand I could not go to a preferred bike shop in Udon Thani, But on-line I had seen a carbon mountain bike and after getting some information I knew that the Java Delta would be the new one. Friday 7 May I could bike again after more than 1 month not and the “old” Team bike is still NOT repaired yet.

Because 4 April my “old” bike broke down my cycling activities did not progress. I decided to count my 5 km walks for those activities and of course also to the other activities. That is the reason why I finished in May 5 virtual challenges close to each other. Mount Everest (64 km) was done by steps & walking, Kruger Park (412 km) only cycling, Mount Fuji (74 km), St. Francis Way (503 km) and Mount Kilimanjaro (97 km) all three by steps and walking. My year challenge of 2021 km cycling was behind but it now again a little ahead.

May was a really bad month for Covid-19 in Thailand. It started already with Songkran in April but this month there were many people tested with the Corona virus. In Bangkok there are some many infections that Government had to decide to another lock-down. For Preauw & Both, working with a clinic, it meant not working but they had to buy a laptop to “work” from home. In Thailand Government workers are advised to not go out of their own province and f.i. Udon Thani had a few weeks a quarantine lock-down. Good news for us is that Siripron got her second injections with Sinovac.

In May we bought a few more things besides my new bike. It started with a battery operated jigsaw (NL decoupeerzaag) and a Black & Decker Workmate because I had to cover some holes in our carport behind the house because birds were busy building their nests there. With IKEA Bangkok we bought a new (spare) bed cover. For my Sinology NAS I needed a UPS, which is a battery unit that protects the network discs when there is a power lost. Siripron ordered some Dutch roses and fig plants. The last “big” thing was an aluminum stair with 6 steps, we use it now to get the high hanging mangos.

Other things that happened:
– On 4 May was Crowning Day in Thailand.
– Monday 10 May was Ploughing or Farmers Day.
– The start of the Rainy Season was 15 May.
– For one of my pensions I have to prove again that I am alive.
– 26 May Visakha Bucha Day (remember birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha).