Covid-19, Buddha Days, Virtuals and more…

The Corona situation in Thailand has gone from bad to worse, there are more than 10.000 people infected every day. In Bangkok all the hospitals and emergency hospitals are fully occupied. And that’s why the send sick people by special transport back “home” to the province where they came from. That is why also our province Sakon Nakhon now every day have many infected people. Because it is now known that the Sinovac vaccine doesn’t protect enough health workers like Siripron will get a 3th injection. For now they can choose which one but for Pfizer and Moderna they have to wait longer.

On 24 and 25 July were 2 Buddha Days (Asalha Puja Buddha Day & Buddhist Lent Day) as the start of the 3 months with special Buddha Days. The same as last year the Papa of Siripron will not sleep at our Temple complex because of his condition and because of the many nearby Corona cases. He will only eat like monks on the Buddha Days in these 3 months, which will say only in the morning.

For the virtual challenges I am still busy with several activities. For “Pacer” I did a few cities like London, Athens & Paris and next month I will finish the last of the “Solar Planets” with a 5 km walk/run. The Conqueror Challenges are more my favorite because you donate per challenge 5 trees to a reforest company. With them I did a marathon distance (Marathon to Athens) on my bike. I am busy with “Route 66” and the year challenge “Conqueror 2021”.

In the beginning of July we didn’t have enough rain for the rice field and then 1 day with too much, but the last few days it goes much better. But the whole month people were busy on the fields with or pumping water and/or planting small rice plants. Narong, the oldest brother of Siripron, use the higher part of the rice field of Siripron now for “short rice” (small rice plants) otherwise we would plant trees on that part.

Other things that happened:
– My lunch at Kham Ta Kla with buy bread, sausages & German frikandellen.
– 28 July was Kings Birthday in Thailand.
– The wheel of the old bike returned without being repaired.
– The new bike had a flat tire.
– On 30 July we finished eating the last mango from our garden.