Step by step, House, Garden, Health and more…

Step by step the Thai Government is allowing shops to open-up again. On 9 May the big Saturday market opened, first with limited stalls but one week later almost like normal. But of course things are not normal, with many shops & markets visitors have to register their names, phone number and time of arrival & departure. In the house next to us there is now the 3th person who have to be 2 weeks in quarantine. In comparison to The Netherlands the re-opening in Thailand goes more slowly, by example: schools are not open yet and we still have a curfew. Anamai Ban Thon received face masks and handheld thermo scanners from a benefactor.

For the house the builders completed the build behind the house, so there is a “stone kitchen worktop/storage”. The builders also varnished our front wall, the same we do every year to protect the wall. Arun, the middle brother of Siripron, repaired a small leak in our water pipes and put an extra security tap nearby the water pump. For our bedroom we ordered some bedlinen from IKEA Bangkok and within 2 days it arrived.

This month was for us the mango month, because we got many mango’s from our 3 trees. We had so many that Siripron made mango jam, but because she used less sugar it looked like a mango compote. With Supana & Jan we exchanged some Thai Cherries for mango compote and mango rolls that Supana made. May was also the month of the start of the rainy season and we have got our fair share, so I will have to cut the grass more often.

With my health everything is OK but at the end of June my old health insurance will stop and I could not extend it anymore. With the help of a Dutch insurance agent I will have a new insurance starting in June. The only thing is that they do not cover already existing health problems and that are for me high blood pressure (now under control by using medication) and no coverage for kidney/bladder stones.

– I went to Kham Ta Kla for lunch and my normal order of bread & sausages.
– Preauw & Both visited us before they went back to Bangkok.
– I won a t-shirt in the lottery after the virtual run/steps for hospitals.
– There were some day off: Coronation Day, Visakha Buddha Day & Royal Plough Day.