Covid-19, Family, Weather and more…

In April our province, Sakon Nakhon, had 1 registered people with the Corona virus. People who move to another province in Thailand have to go 14 days in quarantine, this is checked by the boss of village and by the local “hospital”. Our neighbor came back from Pattaya and she lived for more than 2 week in her not completely finished house next to us. Preauw & Both came back for a break from Bangkok and they lived for 2 weeks in a house in the village of Preauw her Mamma.

At the Nurse station/First Aid Post were Siripron works there are of course some changes so that (sick) people are not close together but people with maybe symptoms of Corona have to call the Hospital in Sawang Daen Din were they are checked. The distribution of medicines for people high blood pressure and diabetics is now not done at the Annemai but helpers bring them to the people.

Papa did not have to go to Sakon Nakhon for his doctor’s appointment, Warunee & Wannapa went to get his pills. We did with Papa the water blessing for the New Thai Year but is was of course not a normal Songkran. Benz in Taiwan is still working and in a group of Thai people he met a girlfriend. For now they think they will stay together and they rent an apartment with another couple. Preauw & Both visit us a few days after they stayed 14 days is the separate house. They will go to Bangkok soon, were Both can work at the Philippine Embassy but Preauw has to wait until the beauty shop opens again.

April had some very warm (hot) days, we measured 1 day 42,7 degrees in the shadow behind the house. Most of the time after a few warm days, the thunder storm will come and we had a big one in the evening of 22 April. The result was that our Lychee tree were we this year got a few lychees) broke down and 2 storage cabinets behind the house fell down. Also almost ripe mangos fell down but we still can eat most of them.

Other things that happened:
– I went to Kham Ta Kla for my bread, sausages and some extra “bratwurst”.
– 16 April the Birthday of Mudmie & Mudmai, the twin of Warunee.
– We did not go the Snake Temple for the Thai New Year.
– From the electricity company we got about 2.000 THB back for our 15 Amp meter.
– We now have enough mangos from our own garden (photo after the storm).
– There are plans for the replacement of the broken storage cabinets…