Covid-19 (TH-NL), Exercise, Taxes and more…

Because Covid-19 is a worldwide issue I only want to write about a few differences I see between Thailand and The Netherlands. The first thing is about wearing face mask because in Thailand you cannot enter some shops without them and in NL healthy people are advised not to wear them because there are not enough. Because we live at a small village most of our small shops are still open and people still go out to work, in Bangkok and other area’s there is more closed. In Thailand we buy much of our food with local shops and only limited things with a supermarket… but on Saturday 28 March we heard that the big Saturday Market already stopped for about 2 months…
The latest news is that there is now a ban of selling alcohol to stop people who have a 14 days quarantine do crazy things and for now our province Sakon Nakhon do not have registered people with the Corona virus !!!

On Sunday 1 March we had our (for now) last 5 km Fun Run with the Kasetsart University in Sakon Nakhon. Wutti & Wannapa did there the 10.5 km Mini Marathon and Siripron met there some friends and former colleagues. On Saturday 7 March was the last organized run with the small hospital of Ban Thon were Siripron works. She had to help but I did run the 6,34 km in less than 45 minutes. The Thung Fon Fun Run on 15 March was postponed until 1 November 2020 but the Saturday before we could collected our shirts. After that we went to the White Temple of Ban Tan (where I also go on my bigger bike round) to see the view from upstairs.

My cycling in March went not so good because of 2 times a flat tire, both times luckily nearby home, and a loosening crank nut (connection from the pedal to the bike). After the first flat tire I bought a new outside tire but with the second flat on the same wheel the new tire was already dried-out and broken. As an alternative I did 2 runs around the village, the first one with Siripron.

March is the time for taxes in The Netherlands and in Thailand. I am happy that I can do my NL taxes by Internet and this year is was only a formality because the result was 0 (null). For Thai taxes we went again to the Revenue Office in Sawang Daen Din to pay “my standard 5.000 THB” (about EUR 140) as total taxes over 2019.

At the beginning of March we had a few days with some rain so it was again time to cut the grass in front of the house and some in the garden. Of course was this rain good for the plants and trees and to our surprise we are have some lychees on one of the trees.

Other things that happened:
– I helped Jan & Supana for preparing there Thai Marriage Visa.
– With Lazada I bought a big toolbox so I can repair more things myself.
– Siripron had a flat tire on the motorbike of Both that she uses for going to work.