Instinct, Running, Car and more…

Because Siripron have to run (or step) in February and March at least 60 km she needed an app on her phone or a “simple” sport watch. But her phone battery gives sometimes problems and my experience with simple sport watches are really not good. After a little research we bought a Garmin Instinct and Siripron is very happy with that one.

As start of the 2 running months Siripron started on 1 February with a Hospital parade as a test run of about 2 km. Because she did not had her watch yet we register the “run” on the Garmin Connect site. On Friday 7 February her watch was delivered and that was just in time for our 5 km Fun Run organized by the Rajabhat University in Sakon Nakhon. We went there already on the Saturday to get the shirt & number and after that we visit a small but beautiful Khmer Temple nearby. Dinner was at the Robinson Shopping Mall and we stayed the night in a Hotel nearby the University. After the Sunday morning run and shower/breakfast in the hotel we went to the village of Bueng No to pay our respect to the Mamma of Supana who died the week before.
In March we will run at least 3 times, on 29 February we go to Sakon Nakhon for a Fun Run with the Kasetsart University.

Saturday afternoon, 15 February, we went to Ban Chiang to get our shirt & number for the Fun Run of the next day. Ban Chiang village is known for the Archeological finding, it is an UNESCO World Heritage and the “marathon” started nearby the museum grounds. So early Sunday morning we went there again to see Wannapa, Wutti and friend Li-a Ka starting their 10 km run and 10 minutes later we went for our 5 km run. At every organized run, were we pay for, we not only get a shirt but when we finish we get also a medal and there is plenty of free food and drinks available.

Our Honda Jazz was after 2,5 years again up for maintenance but we also heard too many noise from the windows/doors so at the garage they noticed a problem with the rubbers around the doors. So Tuesday 25 I went to Honda to replace all door rubbers.

Other things that happened:
– For Papa of Siripron we ordered a blood pressure meter.
– We extended our Accident Insurance with our friend WiWat.
– We bought again some roses that Siripron planted in pots.
– I helped Jan again with some laptop/computer problems
– We bought a small Post box because we did not like the free Post box of the PEA.
– After a dog bite, when cycling, I went 2 times to SDD Hospital for Rabies injections.
– My Birthday dinner was postponed because of a heavy cold of one of the guests.
– Of course we went again to Kham Ta Kla for my bread and sausages.