New Year, Sakon Nakhon, garden and more…

For New Year we gave our neighbors some stroopwafels that we ordered from Bangkok @Sweetchew (a bakery that import them from The Netherlands). We already gave them to our family on the early New Years celebration. Siripron went to the New Year’s party of the Health Care Centra (Anemai’s) of the Township (Amphur) Sawang Daen Din.
On Saturday 4 January we went again to What Kham Chanot (The Snake Temple), this is our standard trip at every New Year (normal and Thai New Year). There we bought calendars and of course lottery tickets because buying there gives good luck… After the visit we went to The Pizza Company at Sawang Daen Din for a lunch.

On Thursday 16 January Immigration Sakon Nakhon called me that my Visa extent was approved, so the next day we went to get the new stamps in my passport. On our way to Sakon Nakhon we almost had a big accident because a truck was passing another truck in a curve (the short film of that is on my Facebook, it was almost). After Immigration we went to the Robinson shopping mall for lunch and we bought new running shoes for Siripron. Of course also some shopping with Tops Supermarket.

For the garden we bought again some plants to replace old ones, Siripron wanted again roses but she put a few in pots and not all into the ground. Also we had to trim some plant down and I moved the extra sand mountain almost 1 meter away from a nonya tree (custard apple). And… after a few dry months we had a view times a little rain.

Tomas, the husband of Warunee, went back to Sweden after his holiday. Preauw moved to another beauty shop in Bangkok where she earns more money and its closer to home and where Both work. Benz had a week holiday in Taiwan because of the Chinese New Year and on Facebook there we some photos of him fishing with friends. Warunee her neighbor Natthapat, who is the ex-wife of a brother of Papa, came to visit us with Steven, her friend from England. This morning the Papa of Siripron went for another check-up to the Hospital of Sakon Nakhon and everything was the same, so OK.

Other things that happened:
– For my bike we bought a new tire, so I could bike again.
– 10 January, Childers Day in Thailand, we gave cookies and candy at the school.
– For Jan, our Belgium friend, I did a conversion of a DvD to MP4 files.
– Of course we went again to Kham Ta Kla for my bread and sausages.