Walk, Temple, Visa extention and more…

On Sunday 1 December at 06:00u we walked/run again the Mini Marathon of the Lions Club at Sawang Daen Din. At the start were also Supana & Jan and some family members. Our brother in law Wutti (husband of Wannapa) ran then 10 km run. At the finish there were sponsored food and drinks (for me rice soup and water). Two weeks later we did again a “hospital” event walk/run, no organized by Anemai Phon Sung.

On the Thai Papa Day (5 December, also remember former King Bhumibol of Thailand) we did a special respect for Government People to the monks at the Temple of Sawang Daen Din. Siripron and some of her colleagues offered the many monks food and refreshments. The number of monks who joined the ceremony was more than expected.

For my Visa extension of 1 year we had to prepare again many papers. The only difference with the last 3 years is that the request is now based on a proof of income from the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok and not on having 400.000 THD on my bank account. On Thursday 12 December we went to Immigration in Sakon Nakhon, now again I have a temp extension in my passport and I will get my definitive visa in January. The following Sunday two people from Immigration came to visited us.

The Papa of Siripron is doing well, he has to take many pills every day but it looks like he’s still going strong. He got a visit from a doctor of Sawang Daen Din hospital and the doctor said to him “Don’t work hard and rest more”. Doemon, the son of Wannapa & Wutti, got his University Degree. Tomas, the husband of Warunee, came from Sweden to visit the family during the end of Year holidays. The family gathering for New Year was a little early because on 31 December (today) there is a big celebration at the Ban Thon School were Wutti will do the music. We will all be there and will wave 2019 goodbye and welcome 2020.

Because there we a few colder day in December we ordered a bathroom heater but we have to make a power plug to install it. For the kitchen we bought 2 small cabinets, one hanging above the sink and one standing in a corner.

Other things that happened:
– At Georg & Supaporn (Yut) @Kham Ta Kla we bought not only bread and sausages but also Xmas bread, lebkuchen cookies and Gluhhein.
– As an extra for Christmas I ordered a box with Dutch “stroopwafels” from Bangkok.
– On my mountain bike I reached more than 2.500 km this calendar year and this was due to the motivation “pushed” by my Garmin Fenix X5 sport watch. The cycling year ended with a flat tire at home on 30 December.