Garden, Walk, Family, Rice and more…

For the garden we bought some new flowers and plants because like normal some of the plants and flower were not beautiful anymore. It is a little strange for me that we can pruning (NL snoeien) any plant/tree every season, so we did it now in November. On our backdoor we have now a lock and for safety I lock it when I walk with Chok Dee in the late afternoon when Siripron is already preparing dinner at the house of Warunee.

On Saturday 9 November we went to Nakhon Phanom and in the late afternoon we went to the boulevard with the Snake statue. Dinner was with May, the oldest daughter of Den & Nong, where also the rest of the walking family was. After a good but short night in our hotel we walked/run in the early morning the almost 5 km at the Event Fun Run over the Mekong Bridge to Laos. A shower and breakfast in our hotel and we went back home to take care of Chok Dee. Besides my cycling I also did some interval running but only because I wanted to do a Virtual Event of total 16 km running.

With Papa we went on 22 November for a check-up doctor’s appointment at the Hospital of Sakon Nakhon. Papa is doing very well and he got medicine for 2 months and he have to go back at the end of January. Siripron goes now every day around 06:30u. to Papa to prepare his breakfast, Papa doesn’t goes to the Temple anymore.
In Taiwan the factory where Benz is working stopped for overtime so Benz have less money every month but still has more money compared to working in Thailand. Both, working as a guard at the Philippine Embassy, and Preauw, working at a beauty salon, are preparing to come home around New Year.

Because November is the rice harvest month is was very quiet in the village but because almost everyone is now finished there are some parties at the end of the month. On Sunday 24 November Siripron helped to prepare lunch for our family and they had a good harvest. Yes, there was not enough rain in the rainy season but that they solved by pumping water onto the rice fields (there were no rice plants drowned by too many water).

Other things that happened:
– I ordered a pension paper from the Dutch Embassy for my Visa application.
– The birthday of Kim Kim, the youngest son of Kukkik & Pak.
– We bought a “peacock” clock for our living room.
– Again we went to Kham Ta Kla for bread, sausages and frikandellen.