Garden, Family, TV and more…

The rainy season not only started late but also stopped early, on 6 October we had the last (night) rain. This meant that we had to give the garden enough water in the morning and that I didn’t had to do the grass many times. Of course also the rice fields needed extra water, people do that by pumping water to the higher fields.

On 3 October we went to the cremation of the Papa of a school/hospital friend of Siripron. A few days later we went again with the Papa of Siripron for remember day. Papa went on 7 October for the check-up of his kidneys. But this is now less important because later in the month he got a heart attack. At the hospital of Sakon Nakhon was found-out that his heart mussels are not working well and that an operation is not possible. After 3 days Papa was home again, at the house of Warunee, with many pills, he can drinks max. 1 liter a day and he cannot smoke anymore.

Nephew Arm came back for a short Holiday back from South Korea and he brought a shirt as a present for me. Warunee picked-up a new dog, named Lucky, and it’s nice to see again a puppy growing-up.

Our “old” Samsung 49 inch led HD TV gave at first a double (shadowed) image and 2 days later no image at all. When we found out that the repair costs where more than 10.000 THB (ca. EUR 300) we decided to buy a new one. After a short Internet search we choose a Samsung 55 inch UHD Smart TV mainly because of the 3 year warranty. Because of our Android box I never looked at a Smart TV but now that we have it I am really happy with it. One of the advantages are the 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

Other things that happened:
– Again we went to Kham Ta Kla for bread & sausages.
– 13 October we remembered the dead of King 9 Bhumibol.
– 13 October was also a special Buddha Day at the end of the 3 months of Buddha days.
– We had a lunch at Apples Restaurant in Sakon Nakhon.
– The remember day of King 5 was on 23 October, Siripron went to sign the register.