Garden tools, Exercise, Family and more…

In September we decided that the trimmer alone was not enough to cut the grass easy and we had to buy something else. Because I did not want a cutter on petrol and not one with a long electric wire, we bought a push lawn mower. Unfortunately the trimmer stopped working, but after 1 week it came back repaired by the Black and Decker dealer. The disadvantage of having good tools is that people want to borrow it, but for Warunee I decided to cut the grass for her. On Siripron her wish list was a high pressure cleaner and for me there is only one name => Karcher, so we bought one on-line with Lazada.

My routine of cycling three times in the week (13 km and 2 times 31 km) is still going good on weeks with no other priorities and it is also good for my weight, now around 93 kg. And this month we also walked again, this time 5 km on Saturday 21 September, organized by the small hospital of Khok Si but the start and finish were at the small hospital of Ban Tan nearby the White Temple Ban Tan.

September was also the month of some sickness. For me it was only less of 1 day with stomach/bowel problems but Mudmai (one of the twin of Warunee) was a few days not well. The day before we walked Siripron had vertigo and stayed home from work and after the walking we had to bring the Papa of Siripron to the hospital of Sawang Daen Din because of heavy vertigo and a very low heart rhythm. He had to stay one night and came on Sunday back home, another check-up will follow October. Preauw came a few days home from Bangkok because her Grandfather was not well and she visit us on Saturday. On Sunday 29 September Siripron hurt her eye-lid while saving Kim Kim from falling down, she had to go to the Hospital in Sawang Daen Din and got 7 stiches.

In Taiwan Benz spends many of his Sundays in Taiwan fishing. He ordered and already get an electric bicycle, so he can now move freely around (I hope in a next blog a photo from his the e-bike). On Monday 30 September Nong and Den came back from their work/visit in Sweden, Den will go again after about 3 months.

I changed the website “” and the blogsite “” from http to the secure https. Also I added a page called “Twilight Zones” with photos from the time between the end of daylight and the starting of the (dark) night.

Other things that happened:
– Saturday 7 September we went to Kham Ta Kla for bread, sausages and frikandellen.
– We had my half year Thai Taxes check-up in Sawang Daen Din.
– On TV I started to watch “Expeditie Robinson” NL and “Boer zoekt Vrouw” BE.
– We had a big gecko under our kitchen/hall door.
– At Immigration in Sakon Nakhon we did my 90-days report.