Rainy Season, Car, Driving License and more…

This year the Rainy Season started with not enough rain but it looks like this month all the not fallen rain is falling down. This is of course great for the rice fields but maybe it’s a little bit too much. The days/nights with heavy rain, thunder and lightning also brings the standard problem in Thailand back… the power cuts. This month we already had a few of them were some lasted more than 2 hours. The other disadvantage is that I have to cut the fast growing grass in our garden. At the end of August a storm came to our region and it made some damage but not with us.

On Saturday 3 August it was time for the once in a year big maintenance of our car and we had to pay the second part of our insurance. We paid 4.080 THB (about EUR 120) for this service but next time we will need a new battery because this one doesn’t give 100% power any more. The all-risk insurance was total 18.660 THB including a sticker (a kind of road tax) for the coming year.

This month I had to renew my 2-year Thai Driving License, so we went to a doctor to get a paper that I am able to drive and I needed new passport photos. On 15 August we went with to necessary document copies to the Government of Transport in Sakon Nakhon to apply for a new license. After a traffic light test and a payment of 555 THB (about EUR 16) I’ve got a new Driving License valet until 27 February 2025 !!!
The same morning we also went to the Robinson shopping mall to go to Tops Market and we bought imported cherries, garlic butter and more. For lunch we went back to Sawang Daen Din to the Pizza Company.

For the family everybody is oke, the Papa of Siripron sleeps every Buddha Day the night in the Temple. The hospital celebrated Siripron her birthday with a BB and cake. Benz got in Taiwan his first full salary, including overtime, and he could pay back a part of his loan (to go to Taiwan). Preauw & Both moved to a better and cheaper apartment in Bangkok where they also have a better parking space for their car. On 27 Augustus Preauw had an operation to remove her appendix but she is recovering well.

Other things that happened:
– Siripron helped on the rice fields where people where planting small rice plants.
– Monday 12 August was Mamma-Day (the birthday of Queen mother Sirikit).
– Siripron went 2 times with other people to find mushrooms in nearby forest.
– I bought my own bike helmet after a few weeks borrowing the helmet of Benz.
– We went with Warunee & Mudmie & Mudmai to an all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant.