Garden, Family, bike/walk, Buddha days and more…

Because Benz is now in Taiwan and most of the village workers are now busy on the rice fields we didn’t had people to cut our grass. That’s why we bought a grass trimmer and it’s one with batteries, because I didn’t want an electric cable of more than 20 meters. After one charge of 2 hours and use of about 30 minutes we ordered an extra battery. Because the grass was very long (see photo) it took about 40 charges to do the whole garden and after that 2 charges to cut the grass outside the gate in front.

Halve way this month Warunee went with the twin, Mudmie & Mudmai, two weeks to Sweden to visit her husband Thomas. Last Monday they came back and they had a great time. Of course also because their favorite aunt and uncle (Nong & Den) were there to.
– Benz is doing great in Taiwan, the work is ok, the money is good and he can do nice things on his free Sunday. He is talking about staying there for a longer time but next year he have to come back to renew his Thai ID. – Nice Thum and her 1-year old son, are now staying with Papa at the house Warunee for a few days. She had lived some years (more than 20 years ago) with the family, because her Mamma and Papa died, but she left at the age of 18.


On 3 July it was raining a little when I was cycling and in the last turn to the nearby White Temple my back wheel slipped away and I fell down really hard. It took me almost 3 weeks to recover for about 90%. But the Saturday after the fall Siripron and I walked a 5 km “small Hospital walk”. On advice off a friend I now bike with a helmet on and for now I borrow the helmet of Benz.

This month was also the start of the 3 months with important Budda days and like normal it started with 2 special days, Asarnha Bucha Day and Khao Pansa. The Papa of Siripron sleeps these 3 months every Buddha Day in the Temple of Ban Pho Chai. Because Siripron had days-off we went the second day to visit 2 Temples a little more far away from home. The first Temple was nearby Phu Phan, south of Sakon Nakhon and we took a scenic route to get there. The main attraction there where the many Buddha statues and the surroundings. On our way back we visit the Waritchaphum Temple.

Other things that happened:
– A visit to Immigration Sakon Nakhon for my 90-days report.
– We went to Krungsri bank for installing the App for paying our car on my phone.
– @Kham Ta Kla we bought again bread and sausages.
– Arun put an iron frame around the entrance to our roof in the second bathroom.
– Siripron helped to check-up school children of the Ban Thon schools.
– 28 July the birthday of Thailand’s King 10 Vajiralongkorn.