House, Family, bike/walk, 4/50 and more…

After maintenance of our aircons we found out that the capacity of our bedroom aircon was not enough, so we bought a new Daikin aircon (18.100 BTU) and the people who installed that one moved the old Mitsubishi to the bedroom of Papa (our Buddha room). So all of our 4 bedrooms have aircons. In the other bedrooms we put the aircons on for 1 hour every week. Last year I one time slipped on our stairs behind because the steps were very wet. That’s why we went to the people who made our gate to order a guard rail and this rail was placed on 17 June, costs including tip 1.100 THB (about EUR 31).

On Saturday 8 June we had a family dinner to say goodbye to Benz and the next day in the evening he went by bus to Bangkok. Benz did not fly on 11 but on 12 June in the early morning to Taiwan and there he found out that he was brought to another factory because there he could do (more) overtime. So Benz is not helping to make fitness equipment but he works now at a fabric manufacturer, so many dust is hanging around in the complex. But every day he can do 2 hours overtime and he can also work extra on Saturdays. Benz signed a contract for 2 years.
Siripron her brother Den and his wife Nong flew to Sweden to stay with Thomas (the husband of Warunee). When the season starts they will pick wild berries, the same that Den did 1 year ago. After a few months they will come back to Thailand.

My biking in June went very well and I try to do at least 1 time in the week a bike round of 31 km, the other 2 times I bike in a week are most of time smaller “rounds”. The walking/running in June didn’t go good because Siripron had two times vertigo in the day or the night before. Also was it much too warm to do the Udon Night run on 22 June and one day later we heard that there were some problems with the organization of that run (lack of drinking water, a big traffic jam and more).

On 24 June Siripron and I were 4 years married and that’s why we went the Saturday before that to Udon Thani to buy a 1 Baht golden necklace as a present for Siripron (I already bought my Fenix watch). This necklace is also a present for Siripron her 50th Birthday on 30 June, which we will celebrate with a dinner at the home of aunt/Eye’e.

Other things that happened:
– The cremation of the wife of Tiang (village builder/handyman).
– 3 June was the Birthday of the new Queen of Thailand, a day-off for Siripron.
– @Kham Ta Kla we bought again bread and sausages.
– There were birthdays of Eye’e and IQ (son of Kukkik).
– Warunee and the twin prepared their passport/visa for a visit to Sweden.