Roof, Benz, bike/walk, Jan and more…

As I told in the April blog LOHR started on 30 April working inside the roof. In 3 days they removed the old isolating heat foil and they sprayed the inside of the roof with a sealing and isolating foam. This will mean that the roof will not leak anymore (they guaranty for 5 years), that the temperature in the roof will be much less and it’s also sound isolation. It was a lot of money but we had to do this because of the leaking and the rainy season in our part of Thailand started around 20 May !!! 

In May Benz had to go 2 times to Bangkok as preparation for working in Taiwan. The first time he went in a group to do some tests and apply for a passport. After the OK for the check-up the Agent found him a job and Benz had to go again to BKK for his Visa. On the last day of May we heard that Benz will fly to Taiwan on 11 June after a short training & info in Bangkok.

In April I ordered a long desired GPS/sport watch, the “Garmin Fenix 5x”. After installing and using this watch my motivation to exercise got a boost. I am trying to bike more km’s and I am more aware of my achievements because of the results in the “Garmin Connect App” on my iPhone. I also bought new walk/run shoes, the “Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14”, because I wanted good shoes for the hard concrete/asphalt roads.

On Saturday 11 May we did an early morning walk of 3,5 km walk in Phang Khon and 2 weeks later we did again an early morning walk of 3,5 km, organized by the small hospital of Ban Sai Mun. In June we will walk/run 5 km at an evening event in Udon Thani and maybe, also in June, we will do again a small hospital walk of 3,5 km.

On 15 May I had to bring Jan van Caeyzeele (& Supana) to Sawang Daen Din hospital because Jan had for the second day many pain. After a few examinations they found out that Jan had gallstones. So the next day we drove to Udon Thani for Jan’s emergency operation, but later Jan was moved to another hospital because there was no doctor in Udon who could do the operation fast enough. On Saturday evening Jan had his operation and after that he recovered fast, on 20 May he was home again.

Other things that happened:
– A morning marriage in Song Dao of the sister of Wutti.
– @Kham Ta Kla we bought again bread, sausages and German frikandellen.
– Kim Kim is recovering well after his burn wounds.
– We bought shoes for Mudmie and Mudmai as a late birthday present.
– Papa Siripron had vertigo and was not feeling well but Siripron is taking care of him.
– The death of the wife of Tiang. Tiang is one of the village builders and our handyman.