Bike, Toe, Chiang Khan Trip and more…

On Friday 1 February my bike ride ended about 500 meters before the normal ending because of a flat tire. But it was also time for a big maintenance of the mountain bike because a little problem with the gear and worn tires. So we brought the bike to the man of the former bike shop and 1,5 week later the bike was as good as new and I had to pay 2.820 THB (about EUR 80,–).

But I couldn’t bike on the repaired bike because on Sunday 10 February my left big toe collided with our iron back door and my nail went up. Siripron cut most part of the nail off but it was better to go to the hospital in Sawang Daen Din. After a few injections (anesthetics) the nurse took the rest of the nail off – costs including pain killers for the next few days 540 THB (about EUR 15,–). For almost 10 days Siripron cleaned every day the wound and the normal 2 times a day showers were changed to a morning shower with the left foot wrapped in plastic and evening washing.

The Wednesday after “the tow accident” we decided that our trip could go on. So the next day we drove to Udon Thani for a Valentine’s lunch in the shopping mall “Central Plaza”, we brought my wedding ring to the gold shop, we went to Nong Bua Lam Phu and on to Na Klang. Nearby Na Klang we went to the resort of Penny & Christiaan, Belgium friends, for a visit with dinner and a night in one of the cabins.

After breakfast we drove through the beautiful hills of the Loei province to Chiang Khan, a touristic city at the Mekong River with many nice wooden houses (most of them now hotels, restaurants or shops). Our “wooden hotel” was a coffee shop with rooms on the same floor and upstairs. After a good lunch we had a rest in our room and before dinner we walked up en down the main street and did a little shopping.

The next morning after breakfast we drove about 150 km on the roads besides the Mekong River to almost Nong Khai. During that ride we stopped at an important Temple plus 2 other places where I could find boxes for my hobby Geocaching. The lunch was again at “Central Plaza” in Udon Thani because we had to pick-up my wedding ring, who was made smaller. When we were home we drove more than 600 km in total.

Other things that happened:
– Our Honda Jazz had a half year check-up.
– Thomas, the husband of Warunee, went back to Sweden.
– I stopped my Dutch phone number and changed my bank to my Thai number.
– We paid Wiwat for a next year of our Accident Insurance.
– Again I had to prove that I am alive for one of my pensions.
– A small Temple remembrance Mamma Siripron (food Mamma liked and gifts).