Snake Temple, Visa, House and more…

On Sunday 6 January we went to Kham Chanot (The snake Temple). This is becoming a tradition for us because we try to do this every New Year (normal and Thai). The meaning of these visits is that we ask/pray for another good year. Because this Temple is also famous for bringing good luck we bought Thai lottery tickets at one of the many selling points there, but this time we had no luck, we bought 56 and the draw was 65.

On 16 January in the early morning I brought Warunee and the twin (Mudmie & Mudmai) to Udon Thani Airport for a flight to Bangkok and a bus to Hua Hin to meet Thomas (the husband of Warunee). In the afternoon Immigration informed me that my Year Visa was approved and the next day Siripron and I went to Sakon Nakhon to get the stamps in my passport. After Immigration we went to the Robinson Shopping Mall for lunch and some shopping, Siripron changed one of her rings for a stronger one.

It’s now the season for marriage in Thailand and in one week we had 4 celebrations of a marriage and also 1 cremation. The most close by marriage was the one of a lady who lives behind our neighbors on the other side of the street. Siripron went before her work to give them our gift. The cremation was of the Papa of the former boss of Siripron. But on Saturday afternoon/evening of the same week the son of our hairdresser, friend and former schoolmate of Benz, died in a one-sided traffic accident. So the next Monday we had again a cremation.

For our house/garden Arun, the middle brother of Siripron, came to fix our rain pipes and with Benz he also made the extent of our water pipes in the garden. We have now 3 tap points for our garden hoses. Arun also fixed a small leaking of our water pump. The next afternoon Arun had to come back because the new taps where too big for a connection too our garden hoses and I had bought 2 new (easy fit) taps.

Other things that happened:
– Preaw & Both visited us before going back to Bangkok.
– For Children’s Day we bought candy & cookies and Siripron went to the school to give them and she also gave the gifts from the hospital.
– Siripron did an extra weekend overtime for a colleague.
– Warunee, the twin and Thomas came home from a few days Hua Hin and Thomas will be flying back to Sweden on 7 February.
– Like almost every month we went to Kham Ta Kla for bread and sausages.