Walk, new Visa, Benz and more…

On Sunday 2 December at 06:00u we walked (Siripron sometimes ran) the Mini Marathon of the Lions Club at Sawang Daen Din. Before us at the starting cue were Jan & Supana who would run the 4 km and of course they finished minutes before us. Our brother in law Wutti (husband of Wannapa) ran then 10 km run. At the finish there were sponsored food and drinks (for me rice soup and water). When a next mini run is nearby our home we will walk again a few km’s.

For my Marriage Visa extension of 1 year we had to prepare again many papers. On Thursday 13 December we went first to the KTB bank in Sawang Daen Din for the proof of money and a 6 months statement, we had to make copies of it and after that we went to Immigration in Sakon Nakhon. I have now a temp extension in my new passport, I will get my definitive visa in January. After Immigration we went to the Robinson Shopping Mall for lunch. The same day around 18:00u two people from Immigration came to visited us in a police car, so excitement in the village.

For more the one reason Benz came home again from Bangkok. On Monday 17 December he canceled his room and drove his motorbike to… south of Khon Kaen about 200 km from home… There his motorbike stopped, after repairs he could go on but Siripron and Tuy (a colleague from her work) already went with a pick-up to get him and the motorbike. One day later Siripron went with him to the hospital to do some check-ups, but everything is ok for now. Benz will stay home until his army tests/lottery and for now he tries to find work nearby home until April.
Preaw (Piauw) & Both came home for a few days around the New Year. They drove on the very busy roads from Bangkok to Sawang Daen Din. These days around the New Year are called the “Seven Dangerous Days” because many people drive from Bangkok to the Isan to celebrate the New Year with family. On the first 3 days 182 people died…

Other things that happened:
– We bought a dog harness for Chok Dee.
– 5 December was Papa Day in Thailand, so we did a little ceremony at our house.
– On a Government day-off we went to Udon Thani for a lunch and some shopping.
– May, the daughter of Siripron’s brother Den, got her University Degree.
– From Georg & Supaporn (Yut) @Kham Ta Kla, we got some extras for Christmas/New Year and we bought not only bread, liver sausages and frikandellen but also Xmas bread & lebkuchen cookies.
– For Christmas Siripron gave me a box with Dutch “stroopwafels” and in the evening we went for a nice diner at the restaurant of “my” old resort.
– On my mountain bike I reached almost 1.500 km this calendar year.
– Tonight, 31 December, we will celebrate New Year’s Eve again with a diner and karaoke at the home of Wannapa & Wuti.