Garden, Benz, Loy Krathong and more…

For our garden we bought a 2 water hose wheels and a water hose of 100 meters (we cut it already in 3 parts). This is a preparation for the extent of our water pipes that we hope to do in January next year. The target is to have 3 water taps and then Siripron can help me to give water to the garden in the morning.

Because Benz, Both and Piauw work in Bangkok Siripron tries to have contact with them every day/evening. In the beginning of November she could not reach Benz after he called the night before that he did not feel good. But Benz was sleeping whole day and had his phone on “still”… About two weeks later Benz came home because his work had changed and that did not go good (pain in his back and he had to work with chemicals). After a few days Benz went back to Bangkok and he was looking for another job but that is not easy because next year in April he will have to do the army lottery. But he is following a test training with a factory from Toshiba.

Thursday 22 November was the day for Loy Krathong. On Loy Krathong the Thai honor and thank the goddess of water (Phra Mae Khongkha). By putting a Krathong, a floating mini raft made of leaves and flowers (with a burning candle and/or incent sticks), in the water they hope also that all the bad things will disappear. So good health and other wishes are also send on the water. Siripron and I went in the evening to Sawang Daen Din to send 3 Krathongs on a small lake. We also went to the Krathong Festival to see the Krathong trucks, some dancing, food stalls and some fairground attractions for kids.

Siripron and Benz helped Arun when they cut the rice at our rice field. Siripron also helped when they collect the bundles before getting the rice in the machine to get the rice grains. At the end of harvesting 2 rice fields Arun had 85 packs of 30 kilo with rice (not peeled). For the celebration of the harvest we bought a box with 12 bottles of beer. (The first photo is made by Robert Merks and the other two are from the harvest of Wannapa and Wutti).

Other things that happened:
– We went to the Honda for washing/cleaning the car and a short check-up.
– The yearly celebration of our Moo but we didn’t go.
– We went again to Kham Ta Kla for my bread & sausages.
– We registered for a 5 km run/walk on 2 December in Sawang Daen Din.
– Siripron run @hospital in Sawang Daen Din 3 km with colleagues.